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So did Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber just steal KES The Band's "Savannah Grass" ?

Sure sounds to me like Ed Sheeran has again taken the key elements of somebody else's song. This time it's "Savannah Grass" by Kes.

Acoustic Version

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T'ief from t'ief make God laff! God must be having a great laugh.  Both use the chord progression chosen by Ben E King for Stand By Me.  You cannot copyright chord progressions, so no harm done to anyone.

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So how come our TALENTED MUSICIANS cannot SLAP SOME AH DEM CHORD PROGRESSIONS together and make a GLOBAL HIT with a TRINIDADIAN SINGER bringing in all the BIG BUCKS (ah think allyuh call it foreign exchange) and traveling all over THE GLOBE performing the song with a FIRST CLASS TRINIDAD PAN MAN adding some flavour to the PERFORMANCES?

Especially if THEY are copying US!!!

In other words: Where is WE MUSIC?

I am surprise of the number of responses because it is an old progression used over and over though out the years. 

Aquil more than the number of responses is the number of shares. Yesterday it was around 900 shares. This morning I see it is around 3000.  This means that the silent majority want others they know on their social media platforms to see this.

Brian Pinkey hit the nail on the head in his response.

I don't think anyone thinks Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber can be convicted of anything on technical grounds. A Caribbean audience would never convict these guys of anything. But this is a global website that has a much wider audience than the Caribbean. The life experiences of these people makes them wonder about "intent" and other aspects that Caribbean people can't see, feel or smell unfortunately. 


Aquil: In the song "I WHO HAVE NOTHING" there is a line that goes: "... and I can only watch you with my nose pressed up against the WINDOW PANE."

So I have to keep asking my favourite question: WHERE IS THE MUSIC (Like in OUR GLOBAL HITS)?

Because I have always been told that WE are the MOST TALENTED musicians IN THE WORLD!!!

Why don't you come to the rescue with a  LOCAL COMPOSITION?

not at all.  no similarity.  where are you hearing de savannah grass

Doh try dat Claude...Come better than dat...

An acoustic version of the song was released yesterday...

Yep they stole it. They will settle out of court. We won't hear a thing about it.

(Sigh). The tune is a basic chord structure that has been used time and time and time and time and...there is no similarity in baseline, melody or lyrics and any musician worth their salt know this fact. No one stole anything from anyone, you can only do so much variation using these basic chords which has existed before Savannah Grass was written. There is nothing distinctive for Kes to say they copied his tune. This is not the distinctive bassline of Sugar Boom boom which is recognised globally from the opening bars. No the said artists did not 'steal'  what is a natural chord progression. 


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