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So what happen to all the BOOGSIE LOVERS? Like they JUMP SHIP!!!

With FANS like DEM FELLAHS -- BOOGSIE cannot afford to have NO ENEMIES.

And meh best PARDNER on THIS FORUM ... the man who motivate me to contribute ... the BIGGEST BOOGSIE FAN in THE WORLD ... that man JUMP OFF THE BOOGSIE BOAT and PRAISING DUVONE to HIGH HEAVENS.

But ah had a NICE EXPERIENCE today!!! A see ah VIDEO where a PIANIST (not to be confused with a PANNIST) was playing "IRON LOVE" and it is exactly how I would expect to hear CALYPSO arranged FOR PAN.

Anyway, all that is on my mind right now is to hear how SKIFFLE try to recover tomorrow.

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Sure he is still a genius, but his gift is composing, when one operate outside their blessing they are on their own.

Boogsie has already won several times doing others' compositions, if not with Phase II or in national panorama. I believe he is more than capable.

I agree with Cecil and Noah. Boogsie was always certain  to win or finish no lower than 4 th place playing his own composition. In my humble opinion he have fail miserable for the pass 2 years, playing sounds that is out of touch for most people. You cant see the enjoyment in the players, no movement no depth. Go back to  Jump High and musically that was a classic. Who knows what he will bring in the finals but I will be supporting him. Next year he better go back to his bread and butter...

Michel: You are a TRUE BOOGSIE FAN!!! I am sure that he can hook back up with ALVIN DANIEL and they could compose a great song. But they need a GOOD VOCALIST to bring out the melody.


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