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Soca and Calypso Alliance as reported by Newsday 28 Jan 2009

Give me a break! http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,94116.html

Gregory Hernandez seems to think that Soca is getting a rough deal when it comes to carnival. Ha! Ha!

So TUCO has signed a "referendum of understanding" with Caribbean Pestige Foundation.
The sole purpose must be to give modern day Soca some cudos.

Quite frankly I don't think it deserves it.

Those of us who are resident outside T & T have to put up with the drivle that tries to pass itself off as Soca Music. These refrains are not musical. They cannot be described as songs just a series of choruses.

I'm not surprised he thinks there is no recognition for Soca

There is very little difference between modern Soca and Jamaican Dancehall.

Do we really need a category called Groovy Soca? No. Soca since its inception has always been groovy.

One only has to go back to Soca of the 60s (late) 70s 80s and 90s to realise the modern day stuff has been dumbed down to cater for the musically challenged.

I am sure that if quality were brought to the fore the standard of music would rise and flourish.

I would be more sympathetic if the performers would come straight out and say "I need to put bread on the table and this is what sells to the uneducated masses"

But please dont ask me to pretend the majority of this drivle is acceptable.

This years "pan songs" have a lot more musical background to them than say Rum and Roti.

I would readilly agree that they also have an air of Music Factory about them but at least they churn out proper chords. Even the Grandmaster used to drop in historical choruses and refrains used in previous material.

When Soca can give me more than a beat and chant then I would begin to give it respect

Until then Carnival is Mas Steelband and Calypso


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