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SOCA MONARCH MONEY cut in half ... Trinidad turn upside down

When my party was in power we gave the SOCA MONARCH producers SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS and now this other Government cut the allocation in HALF. And that is their constituency. Ah never see thing so; like the country turn upside down.


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After five years of money running like water with no regards to tomorrow, this is what you get. With only four months being in power and inheriting an empty treasury and the nation plunged into a recession, the people want miracles from the present Govt.. I didn't hear folks telling the previous political party to cool it when it came to splurging away 400 billion within five years, now the blame game has started and the present Govt. is getting the blame. Of course things would have to be cut back to try and make some kind of head way out of the mess that was left behind but the carnival mentality prevails and the natives are getting restless because cuts are being made to the jam--jam wine-wine. Trinbagonians, there is much more to life than carnival.


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