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We are all grateful to the companies that sponsor our steelbands in the mecca, heaven knows they are needed, but there is a negative side to sponsorship, being that the bands grow to depend on them for most things thus hindering their ability grow.

What I would like to see is sponsors use their resources to teach steelbands how to operate as a business. They can either get together with sponsors from other bands or just work with their band. They can offer prizes to university students that come up with the best plan on how to utilize pan yards to run business.

Lets open up the pan yard seven days a week.

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odw: How long must I wait?

I am losing my faith!!!

You are shaking my confidence, baby!!!

Many steelbands are registered entities - ie businesses.

The only reason that more bands are not registered entities is because their leaders for whatever reason have not decided to go that route. And there could be a myriad of reasons. (lack of interest, laziness, lack of business skills, time, etc.)

It has nothing to do with sponsorship and the idea that sponsors would be afraid to teach those business skills to their sponsored bands for fear of losing them is ludicrous in the least.

The bands need the sponsors more than vice versa. Sure it's of some benefit to the sponsors to have their names associated with a steelband for various reasons but that's hardly an issue.

In fact sponsors would prefer to sponsor a business-like entity anyday. At least they know where their sponsorship money is going and how it's spent.

Most bands have to work hard to maintain and retain their sponsorship and when they lose out (Skiffle bunch for example) it's a big problem to find another sponsor wiling to take up the slack.

The only way the sponsor would work with a band to teach them business skills if if the band asked for such help i.e. if the band  is willing to go that route. It's up to the leadership of the bands to work out how they are going to do it if they actually want to do it. There are many avenues including government created ones for steelbandsmen to gain the necessary business skills. It's entirely up to them to take advantage of them.

A neutral/objective voice!!! A rarity on this forum!!!


Seeing the sponsors are business people don't you think I could be nice if they take it upon themselves and approach a steelband and tell them here is a plan for you to up your game?

Cecil, this will not happen in a month with all Sundays. Steelbands have not proven to anyone that they can make money. That is the bottom line. Also, I am not sure if a business can even claim sponsorship of a steelband as a legitimate tax write-off. So, where is the benefit.

Foy, This is why they have to be taught how to make money. I will have to say the benefit is the tax write-off. They should have a cooperate  responsibility to promote the culture of the land.

opening panyard 7 days, need to consider the crime in Trinidad, is high,, after a certain time everything close,  crime crime,,


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