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Please somebody or people, Please Standardize the Steel pan, it is a MUST, so that someone or a band coming from overseas can rent the Pans to take part in Competition of Panorama/Boroughs day/Pan is beautiful/Music festival. You don't have to worry bout expenses to transport the Pan from overseas, more money for the people in T'dad for renting the Pans more revenue for Pan trinbago, everybody will share in this. All position of notes must be the same, the holes must be Bored at the same spot. eg; on a Cello, if it's Diminish like F dim, F G# B D

going clock wise, then all should be clock wise and not anti clock wise, and so on. This will advance the Steel pan/ the Culture /the Art form financially, All the players need is to get to T'dad and walk with money or plastic in their pocket and their Mallets/Sticks, and if they forget their Sticks at home, no problem buy some in T'dad. Please look at the big picture

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If we "Standardize the Steel pan" it would cost the Bands coming from Oversees less Money and a "International Steelband Panorama" would be more successful,

Bede, etc.:

The reason for standardizing pan should not be to facilitate visiting pansides who wish to perform in TnT ... besides, pans are already standardized.  If you order a low C tenor, second pan, Bertie Marshall double-tenor, tenor bas  or 6-bass, the style is consistent.  The problem is players who put the pans in whichever sequence they want.to play it, so the 6-bass and tenor-bass for example are not arranged in the same order.  Of course, if the notes are the same on each drum, anyone can easily rearrange the order of the drums.


Peter, not all 6 Bass are the same, some 6 Bass are 4ths & 5ths and some are 5b (Flated 5th), some Tenor Bass are Augmented and some are Whole tone. The most standard Pans are the Tenors (4ths & 5ths) and the Seconds (Whole tone). Not all Double tenors are the same, some are Whole tone like the Seconds, some are Bertie Style (in which some of these Notes are shifted also) 


With respect to double-tenors, I agree it's necessary to specify a Bertie Marshall D-T (from low F).  And with seconds, you can get the pan starting from E, from F or even from F#.  The 1960s 5-bass started at low D or low E, but I don't know of any 6-bass from G# (flatted 5th.?).


Peter, It's not that the Bass lowest note is so and so,  it's the Configuration, When I say some Bass meaning the 4ths & 5th Bass will  have ( C, G ) on one pan,  the 5b (meaning Flated 5th)  Bass will have (C, F#), the C to F# is Flated 5th. 

Understood, Bede ... but the standard 6-bass today is still the 4ths& 5ths (consisting of Bb/F, D/A, C/G, Eb/G#, C#/F# and B/E).  Whatever any individual plays is their own business.


Peter, I think Cobo Jack makes the Flatted 5th Bass


The last time Cobeau Jack made 6-bass for Goat (Trini Panamerica), they were 4ths. & 5th.s.


This is where Standardization of the Steel Pan would come in handy for the ICP, everything would of been much easier.

BEDE; Pan is already STANDARDIZE, THE 4ths & 5ths TENOR PAN STANDARDIZE IT'S SELF upon CREATION in 1950, ALONG with it's counter part's the DOUBLE SECOND, TRIPLE CELLO,  in 1952, QUAD CELLO, 1968 and BASSES 1952 etc etc etc, meaning the note's placement, in accordance with the DESIGN, PATENT, TRADEMARK, MORAL and COPYRIGHT ACT... the PIANO was also STANDARDIZE upon creation when it's inventor CLAVICHORD, before Christopher Pianoforte who claimed it as his implementing "Plagiarism", something like what Copeland did with North Stars BIG TENOR PAN, he claimed to be his "Genesis first of it's kind - G pan"...

I had posted this topic "Standardize the Steel pan, a must" since August 1st 2013, 3 yrs now, then we experience this past ICP and still nothing have been done. Pan trinbago? why can we all put our differences aside and Standardize this thing?

Have all the notes in the same Position, have the same layout or notes, have all the holes bored in the same positions?

Please Standardize Now!


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