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How do you see steel band music evolving over the next 3 years? Is there still an appetite for musicians to make recordings of steel band music? Do you see a global market for quality instrumental music featuring Pan?

Please let me know your thoughts on this and where you see the potential for creating a market.


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I found it very interesting this year as a panist joint composer with Defosto "We come out to play" checking back on the comments on the when steel talk board they was such little support and encouragement for me personally out of all the comments only 1 person showed me any kind of acknowledgment for the works myself and Defosto put out, Even Though this was the most played tune Panorama 2013 When Steel talks never mention this once, I have seen many post of Retro music being posted all the time, music that does not even include pan, but no mention of The most played tune in Panorama 2013  the 50th year's celebration of Panorama .

I believe this lag of support to Steelpan players/ composer will not do anything to encourage us to continue to channel our artistic skills in this area.

After all  is said and done  I can truly say  that response in  Trinidad by the Steelbands, and the public, and working with people like Defosto Leston Paul, Yohan Popwell to mention a few makes my efforts feel they were not in Vain. I am very interested to hear any  ( if  Any ) feed back to this comment

Hi Mighty Jamma...thanks for making me aware of your work, and I would be interested in and plan on listening to your work as a result of your post.

I agree that the Leadership and Authority Sites have to start somewhere, so that we maintain a level and standard for all pannists, even those of us who play the retro music, etc.  Being in the Prairies does not present  a lot of opportunities for collaboration or learning cultural standards for our West Indian youth, most of whom have a mixed background.   I think there should be a healthy respect for the composers such as yourself, and a way to maintain a connection with the roots of steel pan.  

So, I am guilty of that myself and will do a better job to, at the very least, provide awareness and the outlets for our performers to access this important information.

CONGRATULATIONS to you and Defosto, and other artists for your work - your efforts are not in Vain.

Thank you!

Terri Rau

President, Saskatoon Caribbean Canadian Cultural Association/Saskatoon Steel Band

Hi Terri thanks for your response, I also have made available  a lead score sheet and free backing track that is completely free of charge to any person interested, I have received very positive feed back from many people on face book.

This being a first time any steelpan composer has made the backing track and score sheet available free of charge, this was my little way of bringing a new angle to the steelpan music scene, even though when steel talks has not help in promoting this  concept, It is still available  to yourself and any one else who wishes to have the music, for a copy simply email jammasteelpan@hotmail.com 

Many things are happening with Steelpan Music & the future of the music, but  a lot depends on what information people are willing to share, and what information is simply ignored. Much Love    

You're welcome....thanks for the kind offer....I am sending you an email......I know that spirit of giving freely will send positive energy your way!

That's the beauty of Wisdom, no room for selfishness


I hope you continue to do music for the pan, be not discourage there's a lot of people that appreciate your work.  Right now we are lacking people with the skills to take pan the the next level, no one want to invest the time in pan so it is like "dead man walking" some are shouting "do something for pan" but nobody listening.

So True Cecil Thanks only thing I feel quite sad I had to highlight this point I would preferred to be dealing with the more posotive aspects of the music, but if I don't say anything I don't know who will.

                                                 Warmest Regards Jamma

I will like you to think about full pan accompaniment  on your vocals for your next panorama arrangement, it has never been done before.

I will take it into consideration but I am almost sure many of the people are not aware of the finance involved in putting out music on this level.Say no more  

Thanks for your comments and good luck with further compositions.

WOW!  Firstly, thanks for the links and the music score Jamma, much appreciated!!  I posted the link of the various steel pan orchestras performing your music on our Steel Pan Facebook Page-  you should be on Facebook, I tried to tag you. 

I'm enjoying the video now, you must be so proud....in fact, I think Albert John, who is coming up for a workshop hummed a few bars of We Come Out to Play just a few days ago, when I asked what he would be teaching us....we would be honored to learn it!!  

I'm going to be hearing it in my head all day now...smile....thanks again!



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