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As a young pannist/musician/artist having an organization that looks out for the needs of the PLAYERS within the {TNT} steelpan community and movement (and by extension Regional and International) is very important in my opinion. It has been my observation over the last few years after being around and experiencing varying situations that there is very little geared towards ensuring the Fair treatment of each player as an Individual and not just as a member of a Band and or Orchestra. Which lead to this thought: why isn't there some sort of Union organization to adhere to such? 


I would like to hear peoples' thoughts on this Topic.... 


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With the constant change in our societies, the steel pan world has been struggling (in my opinion) but trying to keep up with all the modern changes and business directions taken toward the instrument and I have seen many players change home bands, left the pan world, become seasonal players and otherwise just sat back on the sidelines or stuck it out disgruntled @ their home bands for some of these reasons and more, with no avenue to turn to a neutral, unbiased voice/point of view when being mistreated and unheard in organizations related to the instrument we love ~ steel pan
For the said reason i have left my home land and am still in another,the disrespect,non -generated interest, not leaving out the popularity name and financial gains that others thrived upon and have inherited.
There is one thing that i always realised for years now which that the steelpan  and it,s players was and is always looked down upon  by some as nothing,those in positon sometimes are only interested in personal gains, your idea  of  a union should become a reality as soon as possible.
I am from jamaica and I always considered this.....this here,is a great idead and I want it to happen even though its not in my country but its good to go.....ravon rhoden JA..
Its sad that every organization that relates to pan seems to have to go through the so called "Governing body of pan". A Union could NEVER under any circumstances be a part of an organization that is a major part of the issues players have.
So be it,,,,,raw deal ??????...
Kris.... ask abt the Pan Players Organisation
As far as i am  concerned is that it,s the steelpan tuners,the players and the arrangers who do bear the  burden and strain,my question is,,,,, why is it that there cannot be  a steelpan union????,,,,,,,is it against the law,,what,s the criteria,,isn,t there rights for individuals,what,s the problem,,,without steelpan makers would there be any governing boby,,,,,when would the day arrive for the true respect and value be given to the steelpan, such as having a union of it,s own,,as a panman from another country, even still not being active,,its in my blood,,thus as injustice is done to my brothers and sisters of the steelpan world i do feel it,,,,,,because pan deh in mie,,,my comments maybe a bit annoining, but let the truth be known the world over..we are free,, not in slavery anymore..

There's this resident panist from Phase 11 Pan Groove called Bellies........plays the quadrophonic currently, as much as 10 yrs ago, he formed an organisation called The Pan Players Association based on a similar vision.............. he has never recieved the support locally, or the international attention this idea deserves...you guys should hook up with him and truly assist in the struggle to....................DO SOMETHING FOR PAN

Interestingly, if you browse the Pan Trinbago website...About us, Vision, Mission etc...their beginning is a based on an industrial relations/union concept...check it out, one of their major objectives is, the conservation and protection of the rights etc, of pan, panists, tuners, etc. globally...their direction thus far does not reflect such, therefore an alternate organisation becomes necessary

I was about to say that Pan Trinbago is the official Union.  But they are more about themselves now than anything to do with the panman.

I agree with you all 100%... and i really don't believe Pantrinbago has the interest of the Players @ heart. Their focus seems to be on its organization and SteelBANDS. Forgive me if i go off on a small tangent but in my opinion if an Organization dubs them self as "The WORLD GOVERNING body" shouldn't they have a say or some sort of input in All major steel pan related events e.g. Panoramas and Festivals? This would ensure the positive promotion of the instrument, a constant flow throughout varying countries and keeping abreast of the instruments' growth Internationally so there is room for easier partnerships among these countries.


Its sad to see that we can't even get a solid youth arm back up and running down here. As a young musician it makes me wonder does my voice, thoughts and opinions even matter? Do we have to live in the 2st century with the steel pan instrument and its music still in the 1980s? It's unfair! I do appreciate everything that has gone before me but it constantly seems as though the elders and more mature pannists/"heads" refuse to let go of what was in order to move on to what is and is going to be.


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