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As a young pannist/musician/artist having an organization that looks out for the needs of the PLAYERS within the {TNT} steelpan community and movement (and by extension Regional and International) is very important in my opinion. It has been my observation over the last few years after being around and experiencing varying situations that there is very little geared towards ensuring the Fair treatment of each player as an Individual and not just as a member of a Band and or Orchestra. Which lead to this thought: why isn't there some sort of Union organization to adhere to such? 


I would like to hear peoples' thoughts on this Topic.... 


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Know Thyself

A person who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is foolish. Disregard him.

A person who knows not , and knows that he knows not, is simple. Teach him.

A person who knows not and believes he knows, is dangerous. Avoid him.

A person who knows and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Awaken him.

A person who knows and knows that he knows, is wise. Follow him.

All these persons reside in you. Know thyself and be true to Ma'at.


Order means real thruth. If you lose real truth, that is to go against order. So coming back to order is returning to truth.


Speak my Brother! Speak!!!



My Colleague,

Your contribution to this very important and essential discussion is not only timely but it is most relevant. We can complain and point fingers at, and blame others for the things we perceive are wrong, but unless and untill we decide to roll up our sleeves and start working towards making right those wrongs, we will continue to be wishful thinkers. From my personal experience, I know that the Steelband has been and serves as a determent to youth deviance. Additionally, the Adult Pan classes which we conduct, does not serve only for teaching beginners at age 50 and over, but it also serves as a relief from stress. The relief from stress is resultant from the body movements ( arms, feet, head, eyes, waistline etc.), during rehearsals and perfomances. An important factor is, "Pan integrates", it does not segregate. It is very disheartening to know that so many of us fail to fully utilize what God has given to us (the Steelpan), to to better the social and economic conditions of our 'Peoples'. Other jurisdictions have integrated the Steelpan into their social and economic development policies. WE CAN AND MUST DO THE SAME!!! 


"Those who profess to favour freedom and yet depreciates agitation are men who want crops without ploughing the the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightening; they want the ocean without the awful roar of its mighty waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It ever did and never will" (Frederick Douglas)

Thank you all for the Positive comments and Historic travels through your words. It was all very informative and your thoughts and experiences put a lot in perspective. I hope one day I'd be able to meet you guys ^_^. In addition, I do hope that the people out there in charge and have the power to execute change, get wind of these ideas and others and put them to use for the betterment of us all and the future generations. 


We are the MECCA of pan. In the next 10 years, I'm hoping we're not in the same spot we are today. "WE MUST PROGRESS"

Kris, your energy is refreshing and should be applauded and encouraged. You are the next generation of pan leaders! We have your backs. I hope you never allow the negatives to ever extinguish your optimistic spirit. You make us ALL proud!

Hi Foy,

My computer is on vacation.  I tried reading these messages on a blackberry, but the darn thing is too small.  I am in the Library catching up on what I missed.  Do you have a goal in mind for the meeting?  I was thinking along the lines of: the goal is to have "the steelband nationally and internationally a flourishing, and prosperous success."  We have to think in terms of it being a business, and we have to think big.  The steelbands need business managers, and lawyers.  I have no idea how they operate.  The players have to have a better view of themselves.  They have to start pulling themselves up.  And most important of all, their ATTITUDES have to undergo some serious changes.  The mentality is "who do you think you are?"  And we know more than you do.  If they are not willing to accept criticism, or whatever it takes to get things done, then you will have to whistle another tune.  The Library is about to close.  This is all for now.  Have a good night.  ***Cindy***

Hi Cindi, every time I mention steelband as a business there is this one certain individual that takes offence.  I really do not know what his thinking is.  It is as though to him STEELBAND is dead and all we should do is reminesce about the good old days.  For me, where steelband is at present is just the tip of the iceburg.  The opportunities for the expansion of PAN on a global scale is mind-boggling.  However, if we do not play our cards right, and become good stewards of the artform, we will be TOTALLY FORCED OUT by the new-comers.  Without a paradigm shift in out thinking about Pan and our atttiude as you mention, it is quite conceivale that within twenty years we will be buying PAN with a stamp that reads MADE IN CHINA.  As JESSE JACKSON says, IT IS YOUR ATTITUDE NOT YOUR APTITUDE THAT WILL DETERMINE YOUR ALTITUDE.  As pan-people we need to subscribe to this line of thinking. I have been in the game for a very long time and I can tell you there is no shortage of opportunitIes.  I have had my full share of pan success and have reaped many benefits.

There are not too many professional people that I know, have a hobby that give them earnings on par with thier full time employment.The forum that I have proposed can be the start of something very progressive for PAN and put us in the right direction.  I HAVE A LOT TO OFFER, and can move us ahead as a group, or give select individuals the tools to have a successful solo pan career.  We do not need one hundred people at this forum, ONE DOZEN SERIOUS MINDED INDIVIDUALS TO ME WILL BE BETTER THAN ONE THOUSAND disfunctional panists.

Anyway, my friend I hope that your computer gets up and running soon.  Take care! Peace!

Mr Foy, I totally agree with your line of thinking here. But some people are just set in their ways of thinking sadly. I can assure you that you would have more than a dozen serious minded persons willing to make this instrument a positive global entity rather than just a "poor man's" means to an end. 


"Never give up hope, because God gave us all talents for a purpose." I don't think mine has been fulfilled yet... has yours????

Hi Foy,
My computer is in the hospital. I am trying to work with a blackberry.
The first thing we must do is change the way we view the steelband players.
They are ENTERNAINERS. Therefore, they need business managers and lawers.
They were placed in a box. Panorama and carnival.
They were never seen in any other arena. It is now time to change their status and get them on the world stage. Some people are anti-progress. Where is Sidd?
Did he fall off the planet.

Talk to me Cindy
Cindi, I do not know about WST.  The guys who you can tell have the best interest of the artform at heart usually goes on sabatical after a while.  Always when it gets interesting and we need their input.  I AM CALLING ALL YOU JOKERS OUT.  Where on God's earth is BUGS, CATT, SIDD, SALAH, THE GHOSTLY ONE and the rest of you pretend pan lovers.  Please do not tell me that you are busy.  So am I.  Come on my friends, let us get this show on the road.  Peace!

"I AM CALLING ALL YOU JOKERS OUT. Where on God's earth is BUGS, CATT, SIDD, SALAH, THE GHOSTLY ONE and the rest of you pretend pan lovers."


Pretend Pan Lover???  Listen Foy Barnes, you unmentionable, worthless piece of CRAP!  -  you will come back to this earth many times, and probably not devote what Salah Wilson and his family have - his entire life and more to PAN - How absolutely DARE YOU use Salah Wilson's name and dub him and others as a Pretend Pan Lover.   I know this man personally, and like very, very, many people, he has devoted his life to Pan, often leaving himself, and those close to him undone, especially financially, all in the name and cause of Pan.  In fact, many pan people not only Salah,  especially 'veterans' this is their story.  And if by chance you are such a veteran yourself, then shame on your for this comment, especially when related to Salah.   You present yourself as someone full of ideas and a resource to move Pan forward and out of the muck it is generally stuck in.  Start with some due regard for the steelpan community in, and quit passing commentary on select individuals.  A large percentage of people in the forum are not 'Pretent Pan Lovers' -  have some respect for them.


A "Pretend Pan Lover" - Salah Wilson - really?????  Do Pan a favor, Foy Barnes, and crawl back under which rock you crawled  out from under.!!!

Hi wmlpan
How are you doing? I hope that all is well in
Your world. Do you have any ideas to help
Us with this dilemma? We would like t o change
The status of the ENTERNAINERS in the
Steelband community abd would appreciate
Your input. Thank you ever so much.
Have a woderful evening and weekend.


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