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I was told that in the history of  Panorama, there were actually three    steelbands that "buss" on stage. I'm not sure if this was on the final night or in the Prelims. Can anyone name the bands, the year and the tune they were playing ?

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Potential Symphony 1989 "Nanny Wine" final night....

Esso Tripoli 1965  My Pussin.

I believe there are others..... Curepe Schezando Children Ting/I come out to Play......Despers buss in Panorama as well...... they say top level drummer Beverly Thomas made an error can't remember the tune

Re Despers: It was more than that. I was there. After the semifinals, they realised that they were 'behind' and went back and made a number of changes, additions and deletions which improved the song but made it more difficult. They did not have enough practice time for everyone to 'get it' and on the night of the finals, men started forgetting the new arrangement and there was pan confusion for a time. This threw off Beverly and he missed the beat, but by that time it was already all over for them!

This was probably the most complete 'buss' ever. I don't think they even finished playing the tune. Even their fiercest competitors felt sorry for them.

Yeah...I believe what you are saying is what actually happened, because Despers were famous for changing tunes/arrangements with just 2 days before the final....however, the grapevine caused Beverly Thomas to get the brunt of the blame

Maybe he was actually to blame. Wasn't he the arranger? If so, it was he who gave them more than they could handle! So he indeed "missed a beat" that year!

Beverly.................Griffith is the arranger.....................Thomas is the drummer

Oh yeah . . .yuh rite.. So is the wrong Beverly get de blame

Actually the Despers issue occurred with Party in 1982 I believe. In the prelims when they came to the end of the tune you heard different racks ending at different stages. However there was an error on one of the scoresheets where a judge wrote their tune of choice as 'Boogie Woogie' which was actually the tune that Starlift (who was the band right behind) was playing. Despers then went to court and were able to get into the semis I believe or it might even be the finals. Bradley then took night to make day and changed the whole tune which could have won the Panorama in my opinion. I do recall them also bussing somewhere in the early to mid 70's. So they could be probably accused of bussing twice in Panorama.

The ban Despers.the occasion national semi finals. The drummer was Toby. The tune was Mas at madison square garden. the year was 1971. the arranger Bradley. The tune was explosive.

How do we define "buss"? I saw Sforzata stop their tune and then restarted at the 2013 Panorama in Arima.

Once a band start playing and stop, they buss.


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