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STEELPAN 100人プロジェクト ラテンメドレー

2013/10/13甲府駅北口よっちゃばれ広場で開催されたSTEELPAN100人プロジェクトにて演奏されたものです。 総勢112名での演奏でした。

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Well done Ray Holman and the entire crew of musicians.

This is one of the reasons T&T steelbands work a few weeks per year, after panorama pans are put away until next year..This kind of music is appreciated year round and we have the best players to do it but "we thing" gets in the way..All these songs are world wide hits and the audience is limitless providing gigs all year round..Its time to put "we thing" on the back burner and join the rest of the world in providing entertainment. When a trini questions my motive I ask would you trade your Despers cd for a Shaba? That shut them up. A relative of mine insist on pulling up in my driveway with his dub music blasting with open windows when asked for a soca he just looked at me as if I was crazy. If we want to know what the problem is look no further   Arigato Japan..



Sadly I know that Claude but I have to vent, its my country, its my culture and its the place of my birth. I just cant give up..Maybe one day I will wake up on a carnival day and see several steelbands on parade instead of huge boom boxes..Or better yet I will read about  annual sponsored pan tours by the T&T government. Giving the world a taste of the real thing....

The power of the Pannist, Ray Holman. Made me feel very proud of the musical achievement in our Country, Trinidad and Tobago


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