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Thank You, Folks for Panorama 2011

Panorama 2011 Completed - Take a Bow...


Panorama 2011Global - Okay folks, now that the dust has settled from Panorama 2011 in Trinidad and Tobago, it is time for When Steel Talks (WST) to officially thank everyone for a fantastic lead-in to the global panorama season.


Thanks to all the WST regulars who write, edit, tape, shoot, record, engineer and answer to that single last name and first name “basement” - you know the deal.


Special thanks to every single steelpan player, and all the arrangers, tuners, managers, judges, producers, ground troops and fans - who make that thing called “Panorama” happen every year.  You are the best in the world.  Thank you.


Special acknowledgements to WST Panorama contributors - you are second to none. You are the most viewed, borrowed, quoted, duplicated in printed newspapers and on the net, talked about on the air waves and studied... On the ground, behind the scenes and in the mix, you were outstanding; hence - Panorama Central the most complete coverage of Panorama anywhere. You are the toast of the town and top of the class.


To all the office admin staff, scholars, educators, and academics - you brought expertise and credibility. Thanks for sharing and making the WST village credible, accountable, relevant, global, and totally a place for Pan 24-7 - without apology...


To all the songwriters of tunes for Panorama and carnival - you are special. It all starts every year with you. Never stop practicing your craft. Oh, and the lead sheets were greatly appreciated by the global music community.

To the WST forum members who continue to talk Panorama and Pan - fostering interaction and reaction while facilitating growth with your musical intellect, historical know-how, analysis and uncompromising interest in making things better - we salute you... You’ve become household names in Pan land... Momo, Eric, Glenroy, Sidd, Catt, Bugs, Eye4pan, GospelPan, Salah, Randisc, RONIN, Hameed Shaqq, MakeItPlain, Gregory Lindsay, Sarah-Ann, bigmac, Noah, Royce Russell and thousands more who read the forum posts daily... You are making a difference.  Keep the feet to the fire.


To the WST facebook and Twitter posse: you’re on the cutting edge. The future is yours - big up! And to the tens of thousands on our WST mail-list, thanks for hanging with WST through another season. You are our anchor.


And a very special “thank you” to Pan Trinbago’s Angela Fox and Ann Ryan for getting the 411 to WST. And to all the bands’ PROs, managers and members who made sure your WST family had all the panorama information first, early and correct.  Much Respect!!


Up next: panorama in Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, New York, St, Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Virgin islands, Indiana, The Netherlands, UK, Montreal, Toronto, Nigeria and more...

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The Pan Movement has finally found a forum for healthy interaction and an opportunity for pan lovers worldwide to have a voice whereby we can make a contribution to the development of this art form.Keep up the good work and continue to build WST.
I am happy to jump on this bandwagon. Seven hours in front of my laptop here in the Virgin Islands, earbuds locked into place, every note and bounce of Panorama finals on my screen and in my eager ears. Wonderful! Kudos to When Steel Talks for getting the word out; kudos to Carnival TV for making it (and all the events it broadcast) happen. What better way to promote pan in its home setting around the world?
thanks for the shoutout and tireless coverage WST. from single pan to large conventional you make a better and more balanced effort than anyone else to bring the panorama to the rest of the world..
Thanks to the WST team for doing a wonderful job!

I say thanks with a nostalgic pain in my heart that I have to go to a 'foreign' website, WST (of which I am a member), for information and coverage of the world's premium Steelband Festival which takes place on this same island under my feet but until we are able to do it properly ourselves...I am thankful to and grateful for WST.

Audley Sue Wing - Visual Artist and proud citizen of T&T

Pan Trinbago are you listening?
ditto, ditto, ditto.  Nice work people.
I know you mentioned Eric in that long list of contributors / "discussionists" (is there such a word?) But I believe he warrants a higher accolade for the full, frank, unique, uncompromising and yet innocent commentary on his expiriences in Trinidad and Tobago in and around Panorama and Carnival time. Through him, many of us who missed this year's events were led by the hand in a nostalgic rediscovery of the country of our birth and happy formative years. Here's to The Forum and to  Eric Mannweiler for a most enjoyable panorama season.

I can hardly wait for next year. No, I'm not wishing my life away but....


...and thank You WST for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves worldwide...I'm sure that I speak for all fellow panjumbies here when I say the "we here for the long haul"....as Eric Mannweiler so aptly says..."LIFE FOR PAN"


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