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Skiffle Steel Orchestra changed their 2018 Panorama tune with five days to go before the Prelim Panorama judging. The results were fantastic as Skiffle heads into semi-finals in second place, tied with Phase II Pan Groove and just two points behind the leading Renegades Steel Orchestra. check interview below

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Job well done, best of luck.


Like Kes about to put ah beat-down on dem Ultimate Rejects and the Voice. The Three Amigos and Mr. Sharpe  putting some real pressure on Renegades. I wonder if this is the year of the Yankee?

Where is Glenroy? South looking good this morning.


Bugs,I don't think Boogsie forgot the Three Amigos from the CIP, so and much as he's going after Renegades he would love to put them in their place too.

The Yankee? Really?

The Yankee? We could do better than that! Offensive and rude! Should we refer to the others as coconuts? Come on guys.....really?

Sabrina your mind went places that it never should have. That is really unfortunate. We have much fun with each other on this forum. As for these young arrangers and this younger generation they don't have the hangups and issues you have. They all know each other. they are all very good friends - weather they are in Trinidad or New York or Japan. They don't carry those prejudices.  They communicate with each other all day on social media. 


Poor excuse for ignorance.

Sabrina: Who yuh like this year? SKIFFLE sounding like some REAL WINNERS!!!

Very Cantankerous you are, Claude Gonzales! Typical!

Yes he is Sabrina. He has been a long time problem on the Forum. He from suffers severe concussions.  Do you have any kind of spray for him? It would have to be extra strength. And to make matters worst he is a firm backer of the guy name Rolly Polly. 

Sabrina if we could only get you and Markus G to take over leadership of New York pan - I believe we would actually see something positive happening.




I love it. Rodent spray is just the thing for Claude. You almost made me spill my coffee when I saw that.

Now I am totally convinced that you are right person to clean up NY Pan.



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