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Pan Trinbago President Beverly Ramsey-Moore has assured that there will be a Panorama competition this year.

However, she said, the organisation cannot pay pannists for 2018 and payment does not look possible for 2019.

"I have said to the general membership that we have moved from an allocation of over $30 million to 20 million. This executive cannot continue to put this organisation in debt," she said. 

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PAN real lucky, boy. GOD, HIMSELF, send ah MESSIAH to deliver PAN to the land of PROSPERITY.

Paying the PAN PLAYERS is paying for the "sins of others."

And the emphasis has to be on MAINTAINING the prize structure so that the bands get ALL THE MONEY and the PAN PLAYERS get NO PAY.

I still say just as how she coulda hustle a free year of rent -- she coulda hustle up ah $4 million to pay the PAN PLAYERS.

Valentine woulda do it!!! And Dupres woulda do it!!! And Amar woulda do it!!!


Finally, PanTrinbago will be a successful organization...........at the expense of pan players. Nice.

Ah wonder if the man in the pink shirt willing to pick up a placard in support of payment for panists the time around?...

Ah doh live in Trinidad and I am short of the WHOLE STORY -- but ah think that I could guess the right answer to that question:NO!!!

merrytones, good question, he's part of the establishment now and beating a different tune.

The intelligence and the willingness of pan players to show their love for culture never ceases to amaze me.It is truly a gift that none other can display.Long live the players and their instruments.
Pan players are the greatest asset of T&T



Why are you all. playing the Panmen & Panwomen that way?

Everybody shaping up to get money this panorama,But the stars of the show not getting any money.

How I look at this,If the Panmen & Panwomen are not going to get any money,Then nobody should get money,

Forget panorama until you all get money to pay everybody.

Is that the Arranger is better than the Panmen & Panwomen or The pantuner better Or the drilll Master better than the 

Panmen & Panwomen heck no, Who ever are in charge better get money to pay the Panmen & Panwomen

If You want to have a panorama.And Panmen & Panwomen please don't fall for that because they will always want you to play for` FREE.

Remember this.The first note in music DOE and that mean money.So please don't get play this Panorama.

Don't play if you don't get pay.

KEEP ON JAMMIN' -- 911!!!

That's right DOE play, if they DOE pay.

The future looks bright for Pan Trinbago. Thank you, President Beverly.

Ah wonder how it look for pan players?


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