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Clive Bradley (4th November 1936 - 26th November 2005) was an idiosyncratic, enigmatic, erratic but pragmatic musician and arranger who meandered mercurially through the corridors of life, leaving in his wake a contour not unlike that of the great Mississippi River.

Bradley never played Pan, his instrument was the piano; yet he meticulously developed a synergistic relationship with the hypnotic, charismatic Desperadoes at the summit of Laventille that spawned a bitter-sweet saga spanning four decades. Together they earned acclaim and respect from the steelband fraternity of Trinidad & Tobago, the Diaspora and beyond, winning the coveted title of Panorama Champions on six ecstatic occasions.

Being an educator, Bradley would have endorsed the Sanch online Pan in Education and mentorship programmes for Desperadoes to become globally-competitive music industry professionals. This opportunity will be provided through collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the ministry of community development, bmobile, UWIAATT and Arthur Lok Jack to celebrate his legacy.

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Good morning. Very Nice love it.
Could you put on flight of bumble bees!,,I would love to hear that piece.and Mama dis is mas.Thank you.

Desperadoes "Flight of the Bumble Bee"

' Flight of the Bumble Bee" Arranged by Beverly Griffith is. another "Bomb" tune from the 1966 Desperadoes double album " Triple Crown Winners"


Hylanders - Mama Dis Is Mas

Exodus - Mama Dis Is Mas

In the Burning Heat, I was part of the Village youngsters that pushed those basses all the way from Success Village to the Savannah and back, Community pride in those days, pure Love and Joy.

Can't get enough of Despers love it

WITCO Desperadoes / 'Um-Ba-Yao

Curtis Betaudier

IT seems that every article  thats written about Mr Bradley. there is no mention of the band Mello Stars from Diego Martin because this is where Mr. Bradley started his journey and not Desperadoes (.just some food for thought) ThankYou.

Tell dem...shock dem...

George Kallicharan

"My name is George Kallicharan aka 'Yoyo', and I live in Diego Martin. I am a pan tuner and everybody knows me in the pan world as 'Yoyo'. Originally I am from Point Cumana Boys Town. Boys Town was the band that won the first steelband music festival.

I used to tune and arrange for a band called 'Melo Stars', and during that time I used to see Bradley around with his guitar. One day I called Bradley and I asked him to come and try something with the band. He decided to come and he did 'Stardust' and 'I Who Have Nothing'. We rocked Port of Spain Carnival Monday and Tuesday with those tunes. The talk spread when they realized that Bradley was the man who made it happen. After that Bradley worked with other bands.

The first band Bradley arranged for was from Diego Martin. Bradley's music was excellent and he was a genius. I haven't seen any arrangers who are in the same class as Bradley and 'Boogsie' Sharpe. It will take a long time before anyone can fill Bradley's shoes. You cannot replace Bradley. You have to be dedicated, you have to love it and you have to give your life to it. For instance, I am a pan tuner and I have been tuning and playing pan all my life."

I could do with Rebecca and symphony in G


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