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personally, after the 1969 Panorama, I have NEVER heard a good panorama tune played since, after Panam North Stars, Guinness Cavaliers, Witco Desperadoes, Solo Harmonites, and Angostura Starlift, to this day, panorama music has rapidly deteriorated, to Density and or Noise, don't forget me wrong or misunderstand me fellars, I'm speaking about MUSIC guy's, MUSIC not jumping up and dancing, but the MUSICAL STRUCTURE OF IT ALL, intro, verse and chorus, changing keys, counter melody's etc etc etc...

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The chap said he never heard a good panorama tune after 1969. My understanding is that he was out of the country for several of those years that there were good tunes,so yes it is possible that he did not hear any. I did not recall him saying that there won't any, it's just that he did not hear.

A bout of presbycusis probably?

bram - bradam! bram - bradam! that's what it has come to.

I think that's what he was talking about. A lot of noise.

By the way , guys ,I was listening the the Lord Kitchener's "Toco band " the other day and I'm still amazed at how each and every year for decades this great artist could compose and sing an intelligent ,entertaining , calypso telling a story  for and about the steel pan.

"Lyrically , musically" as Kitch might say.

What a genius !

Maybe its about talent and creativity , folks.

You just cant force feed musical pablum to the public and expect them to like it and enjoy it , even under the guise of culture.

Panorama music on a fast-food diet, it’s not about musical art anymore. Kitch was known as the Grand Master for good reason. Maybe, as an older generation we have to accept this change.

This is the problem we're faced with being originators and witnessing the duplicators masking as creators. Call it progress? As Chalkie says "we living in short-cut society, every-body taking ah short-cut".

Not many in the public understand the “cut and paste” society we are living in. Technology has changed our sense of reality and authenticity.

Mr. Joseph:
Right on! And not just 'for and about the steel pan'.

"Maybe it's about talent and creativity".
I concur with you wholeheartedly. Absolutely.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence holiday.
And this brings to mind a wonderful tune by Kitch which I think is most apt, the title of which is: "Too much holidays". You undoubtedly have heard it before.


To me it underscores, yet again, the wisdom and the genius of the Gran'Master –– the beauty of a well-constructed, intelligent, and entertaining calypso.

"Musical pablum" –– That's great! I love it!! LoL.

I am an unqualified commentator so my one chord contribution to this discussion is this - The key is "sweet pan". We know what it is but we are afraid to endorse it in these days of  playing loud with musical dexterity alone.  Focus on sweet pan and the compositions and arrangements will follow.  Sweet pan must lead and not follow. We have been doing it back to front. What is sweet pan? I am not qualified to define it musically but one thing is certain.  When a band is "playing sweet" and the "arrangement real sweet", people bound to dance.  

Curry Tabanca is not a winning arrangement only because All Stars played it.  The "arrangement sweet" and you  are certain to dance even though you are hearing it over and over. Older Starlift fans could whistle the whole arrangements of  "Penny Lane" or "Queen of the Bands" because the "music sweet" and you bound to dance.

This phenomenon is not restricted to panorama music. In Germany it is very hard to find an audice for Traditional Jazz which used to be a very popular music in the pub scene. Jazz clubs have to struggle for survival and who will listen to a Big Band?
Compare the BluesRock of the sixties, seventies with the bands on stage now. You can perform with a soul band but the audience will be at least 50+.
Video killed the radio star.
Very often I wonder what my students are listening to. Do they really listen or watch a performance?
I for myself made the decision to start my teachings in the kindergarten and to teach music like a language. If people only listen to sound and not to musical content we will have a problem...

Claude mi amigo, U need to X cept the FACT that the instruments has gotten MUCH WHORST, as a result of the unmerciful beating and slamming, as for the musical knowledge THAT TOO, has DETERIORATED SEVERELY, not to far from the dust bin band from whence/source it came, DISSONANCE/NOISE, if these SO CALLED ARRANGERS, have/has any knowledge, it's not being displayed/not present, my friend, music is a language, and a tune/song is like telling a story, about something or someone, example; "Hold on to youe man if you love him, or Mama dis is Mas or, Mary had a little Lamb", the steel pan instruments IS NOT, like anyother instrument, the only thing they have in common in music, semibreve (a whole note) minims (half notes) crotchets (quarter notes) quavers (eight notes) semiquavers(sixteenth notes) ect ect, on a panorama plateau/stage these phrases of notes disappear, and is replace by ricochet's and echo's which are a semi tone up/higher, resulting in (bram barm badam bam bam) noise, and the road I'm down is where the instrument IS, did I forget to mention that I have a Masters in music, as well as piano tuning, and I don't need an instrument to tell me when a note is flat or sharp, U see, sound travels through the air at about 340 meters per second, over water 1450 meters per second, and in/on materials such as iron and steel  over 5000 meters per second, and light in a vacuum travels at 300.000.000 per second, according to Einstein's equation E=mc 2, I ONLY KNOW WHAT I KNOW...

earl richards, these guy's did their best BUT  STILL NO CIGAR... I'm talking MUSIC MAN, not just talking because I've got a hole in my face, an introduction  that's resembles the verse or chorus, distinct recognizable melody, counter melody, bridges, change key's , variations etc etc, but all the bands sound alike, and U have to go and look to see what band it is, I remember when there was a time U did'n have to go and look to see what band it was, U could hear Invaders, Starlift, Panam, Silver Stars, All Stars, Hi Landers, City Symphony, Ebonites, Cross Fire, Cairo, Blue Stars, etc etc, every band had THEIR OWN STYLE WHAT HAPPEND TO THE BANDS OF TODAY??? ( barm barm badam bam bam)...  

FYI Gerald Clarke, I was in and out country, I was, and still is hearing very well,  ESPECIALLY them set of SHITTY pans U WERE and still IS TUNING, and I do not need a (stroboscope) to tell me what to do/hear, U guy's DO NOT KNOW WHAT the HELL U R DOIN, because the EQUA temperment file on the strobe that you're using IS FOR PIANO'S, we/Anthony Williams in Panam bought a "CONN" strobe in 1964, that was before "PETERSON" bought them out, Williams and I used it for a month and "Tony" packed it up in his closet, the PAN IS NOT A PIANO, U should'nt talk untill U start to tune the pan's to sound like PAN, read your "peterson" owners manuel and find the file that will help to tune the pan better, it's in there, as an individual who skill's has gone beyond the mare physical level, and is now at the point of  elevated INSIGHT, I have scent your hostility towards Williams/North stars members, is it because of jealousy or fear??? next time look before U leap into deep waters, there maybe SHARKS there about...


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