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Phase II won its first North Panorama title in 1977 playing "I Like To Beat Pan" before winning the National Panorama Competition in 1987 playing "Feeling Nice". They have also produced other legendary favorites like "I Music", "Musical Wine", "Fire Down Below", and "Birthday Party". They have come close to winning Panorama so many times that some players within the band comically suggest that they be given a plaque commemorating the most second place finishes in the history of Panorama.

This article covers BOOGSIE and PHASE II through 2005.

After seeing what little acclaim BOOGSIE SHARPE was given in a recent WST discussion on "ARRANGERS IMPACTING PANORAMA" I decided to bring "THE BOOGSIE SHARPE STORY" to the forum.

Boogsie Sharpe (and PHASE II) created history in 1987 by becoming the first un-sponsored band to win the national Panorama competition, as well as the first band to do so performing its own tune. This feat was repeated in 1988!!!  

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I was not speaking about Sarah... My point was about Red White and Black... His 2017 composition. 

What you need to do Mr. Maitland is to grow up......Too much of our culture is based on the "lowest" form of competition..... I wonder if you could whistle, hum or sing a passage from All Stars going back from the past10years...(predictable music).....If it is your choice to drink shallow from the well of musical creativity then so be it... But to limit a musical wizard like Boogsie Sharpe with your narrowness deserves AN APOLOGY..... get some musical education FAST!!!!! ... KG

I think that Martin like the rest of us, has an opinion and is free to express it. It's tough accepting a loss in the "lowest form of competition" which is what T&T has. Boogsie has to find a way to beat music that is "predictable".

patrick ramdoo, I don't think that you'll find Boogsie playing any music that's "predictable" why should he "dumb down" his music?

You missed my point Cecil. Someone said that All Stars was playing music that was "predictable". I said that Boogsie has to find a way to beat music that is termed "predictable". If you know your opponent's predictable offense, you must find a way to nullify same.

GOTYUH patrick, old-timers disease stepping in.

Keithley Greene, You really have no clue what you are talking about.
The question was about arranger having the biggest impact on panorama, and a follow-up on Boogsie.
In my book an arranger could arrange anything, simply putting not just his music. We have been down this road before and you are obviously an All Stars hater…To equate style with similarities shows you know nothing about music. Every composer; arranger or singer, have their own signature style of singing; arranging or playing music.
Another point is you don’t have to be an arranger to have a good ear for music, and not everyone is the same.
For you to say I need to grow up is a foolish statement. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
You sound like TRUMP… when things don’t go your way or people don’t say what you want to hear, you act like a child and throw a tantrum.
Enough said…End of story get on with your life.

The difference with Boogsie is, Phase ll is his band, no one to fire him. He brings the music he hears, if people don't like it that's their problem. I don't know if you can tell a person that creates how to create or what to create, what I do know is that Sharpe will be back next year with more beautiful music.

Cecil, I have to repeat Jeremy de Barry question on the topic...

Which Arranger Made The Biggest Impact On Our Large Bands Panorama?

He said "Panorama is an evolving art form...

Arrangers are different and have different impacts at different times.

They shape the art form with each different treatment they bring,
influencing (or not) the next move along.

And to say which is best; like Curry or Sugar; is a non starter.

Better to ask; Who influenced…?

When I look at the innovators in the steelband movement Ray Holman standout has having influence on both Boogsie and Bradley. If you look at classical composers and Jazz innovators you don't see that kind of treatment for their works. This year Ray was a no-show on the Panorama stage, he had a good steelband song.

What I find interesting from Jeremy's post is Duvonne Stewart is the most successful Panorama arranger with 16 Panorama wins (1S, 4M, 11SPB).

Len " Boogsie" Sharpe is a Musical Genius:dot,fullstop,period!!!

odw, these panorama wins are FAKE.

Boogsie is a composer/arranger. The man is a musical genius extraordinaire. Most of his detractors are musical midgets who like the fox who couldn't reach the grapes say it ain't sweet. His music is over their heads. Winning seven times with your own composition-7 times more than any arranger-is a great accomplishment and HE JAMMING STILL!  


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