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These are the two GREATEST PIECES OF PAN MUSIC I ever heard!!!

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Wayne: "Liam Teague, he is an accomplished musician who has taken our national instrument to another level abroad." I know that!!! Everybody knows that!!! But I am ONLY CHALLENGING his PANORAMA ARRANGEMENTS (Of Calypso -- a little redundancy. Just to make sure we don't stray from the specific issue).

Take a listen to this CALYPSO!!! And then I can respond to your other points!!!

Penny Lane one of the sweetest. Certainly puts one in a zone. I am sure that arrangement of Year for Love by Despers USA will join other classics like the one at the link below.

We will have Back in time PAN music for you, Claude, so we can see you 'tear' down the place!!!

Ayesha: Like everybody else, I have my FIXATIONS!!!


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