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They left MIA GORMANDY out of the Panorama Finals: WHAT A SHAME!!!

They are always preaching (and preaching) about PAN PLAYERS and MUSIC EDUCATION. So now you have a young woman who played the PAN and then went and got ALL THE MUSIC EDUCATION in the WORLD and now she comes back to arrange for a STEELBAND (with all that musical knowledge) and they leave her out of the finals.

Bad optics! Bad politics! Counter to what is being preached!

On PRINCIPLE: Mia should have been put into the FINALS.

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Was principle one of the catogories on the score sheet?
Well someone had to be left out, even if they sounded better than Phase II. We all know tte Golden Boy Boogsie has to be in. Once again the snubs for the southland
I don't normally comment on here, but as a big fan of Mia , I'll say this..... I wouldn't want Mia in the final as a "Token", it sends a bad message- She will take this "defeat" & come back stronger, we're All Stars people, we can take the licks & use it, she needs time to develop with the band..... SHE'LL BE BACK! #ThatIsAll

well said

Principle? Mia is a past student of mine. She excelled greatly by the input of many others and I am proud of her.

But does that mean that music education and gender are criteria for being a finalist? Is she the band? Is it she or is it the band's performance being judged? Birdsong not getting in to the finals does not mean a fail for Mia in fact it is a stepping stone to growth. 

If they had made it to the finals then you know what might have been said? It is because she is so qualified that d judges gave her a bligh! Then that would have been bad politics; bad optics!

Both...Her and the Band

Yuh tink musical education make yuh ah good arranger?

Bradley was a mathematics teacher...put dat in yuh pipe an smoke on it.

FAST TRACK your RISING STARS!!! Don't put them in a queue and tell them to WAIT THEIR TURN!!!

Yes but rising stars must be fast tracked on the merits of their works sir!

Mia did well but the Big Boys rough her up, she'll be better when she comes again.

Claude...behave yuh self let people like yuh nah?...So I could find that Merry Tones should be in the Small Band finals too after we "bun dong" the savannah at midday yesterday...but the fact is we get licks...plain and simple...regardless how much our players, supporters and even me might be lil disappointed...We have to dust off we pants and move on...Mia and birdsong and You too...

MIA? Mieaaaw? Then the South bands that were left out can also cry FOUL! ... Lol!


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