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THREE YANKEE/EXPATS ARRANGERS making SKIFFLE front page news down IN THE MECCA -- what a story!!! Historical placing for Skiffle with HELLO

NEWSDAY January 25th, 2018

High fives, fist bumps, congratulatory handshakes and hugs were the order of the day as the San Fernandians saw this as a sign, this may be the year a south band brings home the elusive National Panorama title....


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Mercer: Make sure that the term "Bk3" is a POLITICALLY CORRECT TERM -- eh!!! This is a serious PAN DISCUSSION and I don't want the LIBERAL LEFT coming on and turning it into a socio-political FOOTBALL.

Trust me, all the talk I talking I know that TRINIDAD JUDGES will never do that to their OWN PEOPLE -- let THREE FOREIGNERS come and take that PANORAMA from them.


A slow chip across Park Str to Green Corner.

For the past decade Skiffle have been the most musically progressive steel orchestra in T&T.  The players all seem to have a focused and professional approach to the music.

Absolutely. Kudos to Ray Holman for that!


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