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Through the EYES of the [PANORAMA] JUDGES PART 1: Sensitizing the PAN WORLD on the views of the JUDGES and the ARRANGERS

Aquil Arrindell (The Next President of Pan Trinbago) discusses PANORAMA JUDGES and JUDGING and ARRANGERS!!!


Part 3


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Very informative. Good Video.

Now that ah listen to this PRESENTATION by AQUIL "SANSIRIUS" ARRINDELL, I eh in no BOYCOTT PANORAMA TING in 2018. Ah want meh PANORAMA to see if I could recognize all the musical complexities applied to the renditions. But at the same time I must tell you that on Carnival Saturday Night when the SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL is in the air and I go and sit down in the savannah to listen to a STEELBAND play a CALYPSO (remember that I am a CALYPSO LOVER FIRST) -- I want to hear the ORIGINAL CALYPSO jamming TRINIDAD STYLE as if is CARNIVAL DAY.

I don't want all this pretentiousness trying to prove the worthiness of the instrument and the arranger bringing in all kinda falseness into my calypso. Play the calypso like the singer sing it and record it and JAM IT HARD in calypso style. Don't be ashamed of your musical product because CALYPSO and STEELBAND is the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD. And PANORAMA is the biggest stage for this DEMONSTRATION.

I doh know how ALL STARS ever win ah PANORAMA yet because dey does always take the CALYPSO and carry it out there somewhere in LEFT FIELD (far from the strains of the original as possible) and somehow people like that.

Maybe we need a NEW PANORAMA where STEELBANDS does play CALYPSO as if they playing CALYPSO and not trying to impress people that they know about MUSIC.

u know Mr. claude i am interested, for reasons in don't know, to hear what JJJ have to say. send him a shout. lol

That is what i like about you, Aquil -- yuh doh take nothing personally. Water on duck back!!! I think JJJ leave this posting alone because it is a little TOO MODERN for his sensibilities. But I am interested in his commentary also.

Yuh eh notice yet that I am the only OLD MAN on this forum who does talk about TODAY and TOMORROW.

Mr. Vernon A Seebaran paid you a nice genuine compliment that has a universal ring to it!!! Ah didn't plan to tell you but you shocked me with that video.

And Oswald Alexander think that all I does do is criticize you on the forum -- dat eh true!!! Ah just have to keep my compartments tight and maintain my own INTEGRITY -- ah just learn that word from your video.


Much needed info for the pan fraternity. Mr Arrindell is a true visionary.
His explanation and understanding of the "pan palang"( my word) of Panorama is hopeful.
Note to CG: I agree that Calypso music played in Panorama should be just that.(Ref: Pan Elders)

Hey thanks guys. I did this when i held the post of education officer in Pan Trinbago. They did not even look at it, must less prove it as a Pan Trinbago product. So in stand the full brunt of the videos' cost an post is i mine. the Plan was to do much more with different people but those guys was not interested in that kind of education. 

That is a really good idea and I could see room for further development of your process. There are quite a few breakdowns (much too diagrammatic and come across as complex) that can be found on the internet -- but the patient and practical and demonstrated approach that you bring IS THE DAMN THING SELF. Because it easier to understand for NON-MUSIC people.

You have something there!!!

j j j aint say nothing yet. Mr claude like you right.

"JJJ leave this posting alone because it is a little TOO MODERN for his sensibilities. But I am interested in his commentary also".

You is ah real bad influence on me -- yuh know!!! The old supposed to (mis)lead the young. But somehow you are managing to MISLEAD ME.

Look how easy you come on the forum and read me ... yuh acting as if JJJ is some kind ah QUADRATIC EQUATION.

You and DR deLight and that Grenadian Steelband Boycott out to get me in REAL TROUBLE on this forum!!!

I'm tired of ole talk, talking don't get anything done, doing does plus, I have other irons in the fire like, book publishing, relocating to Canada and excepting the U.T (University of Toronto) proposal, and Tweeting meh Compaq/sons godfather, the U.S. President about Brian Copeland et al claim payment....

All Aquil wants is an OPINION on the video. Just like how you love ANTHONY WILLIAMS -- I love Aquil Arrindell.

He took your advice and he eating with the left hand and steering his car with the left hand and writing with the left hand and I cannot tell you what else. So in order for him to move forward, he needs your input on this video.

And, by the way, your critique on his previous video was AL PUNTO!!!


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