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Time for Desperadoes separate themselves from all connections to Diaz

Any connection with Diaz will only tarnish the Desperadoes legacy and history. Let Diaz leech on to an imagainary single pan band to run Pan Trinbago.


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bugs: You are always trying to diminish the power of KEITH DIAZ, but he continues to reign supreme. It is about time that you just accept the fact that PRESIDENT DIAZ will be running PAN TRINBAGO until 2020 -- and there is nothing that you or anybody on this forum or the forensic auditors or the UPPM or Mark Bassant or Doctor Dolly could do about.

Furthermore, I spent hours last night looking at the SAG AWARDS and once again there was NO MENTION or NOMINATION or AWARD for YOUR MOVIE. So you are batting 0 for 4 with me in PAN POLITICS: No October/November/December/January SURPRISE. And 0 for 2 in FILM MAKING: No GOLDEN GLOBE and NO SAG AWARDS.

Look Claude, orange is not the favorite color of Desperadoes. Anyone bringing 'Shade" to the organization must be expunged with EXTREME Prejudice.

Rudolph Charles said a long time ago that "making jail" was not something anyone associated Desperadoes was going to do.

Don't worry about Globe and SAG - we going for OSCAR 2.0 - a special release.

So what is this about an investigation into the International Panorama and the misappropriations of funds globally speaking? Now you got the French, English, American and Japanese looking into Rolly Polly dealings. Look at the bright side he will have a choice of which country's  club jail resort he will be checking into.


Well, Mr. Bugs: I have not heard anything about your IP investigation. But I must admit that the IP was the tipping point in the fortunes of MY PRESIDENT. I saw Rudy Giuliani revealing some inner workings on his client Donald Trump, so I am going to do likewise.

Leading up to the IP my client had already stolen about $5M from PAN TRINBAGO. So the IP was really a plan to cover that debt. It was not about what people really thought it was about. My client figured that he could sell this PRODUCTION to the INDIAN GOVERNMENT and over-budget by $5M which he could use to cover the pilfered funds. Much to his surprise KAMLA did not go for the SCAM and she ended up SHORTING HIM even shorter than the $5M off the top. From there onward it was a steady PONZI PAN SCHEME in play trying to balance the books without being detected. Then that traitor BYRON SERRETTE broke in to our SAFE and made copies of private documents and took it to the PRESS. By then we were some $31M in the hole and there was no way to cover our tracks anymore.

You know they say that when a man is down everybody wants to kick him and now -- with forensic audit boots on. But we will have our day in the EXTREMELY SLOW  MOVING COURT SYSTEM that is TRINIDAD and TOBAGO. And I can assure you that we will be exonerated both in the LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL COURTS.

I must remind you that the GOVERNMENT gave us the MONEY but they never stipulated HOW WE SHOULD SPEND IT. That is the backbone of our defense. And please tell Sidd and Bertel that you cannot pass a law in 2017 and accuse us of breaking the law between 2009-2016 before the law was ever on the books. Any rational judge will laugh Dolly and Bertel and Sidd out of the court room.

Thou shall not TIEF! That law was passed since time began, so ah khar see what 2017 have to do with anything, especially when 2 luxury cars still sitting on d port for Diaz to come and claim in d name of Pan Trinbago and dem poor players scruntin.

You all know that Kamla and her squad,stole BILLIONS,and almost bankrupted the country. But as a regular guy take a little food,,,,,everybody has something to say. If it is really true,that is small change ,comparing to what the Kamla gang Stole . When I see the Kamla Gang prosecuted ,,,then I will say let's go after the small fish.Everybody was THEIFING,,,but is only when the little Black fella take a little food ,everybody does notice.WHAT GOOD FOR THE GOOSE GOOD FOR THE DUCK TOO,,,,ALLYUH THINK THE DUCK DOE WANT TO LIVE IN BIG HOUSE TOO? WHA HAPPEN IS ONLY BIG FOOD FOR GEESE,AND,,,,,DUCK MUST EAT garbage, all they life. STOP JAMMING THE SMALL DUCK,,,BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT IF WAS ALLYUH,,,ALLYUH WOULDA DID THE SAME ,,,MAYBE EVEN WORSE.LOVE TO ALL.

Two wrongs don't make it RIGHT. The true criteria of Leadership is for the benefit of the followers. Why ask the members "pan people" who hired you for the position as President to represent them and you ignore  your job duties. The fact that the members may be poorly informed don't mean you have to take advantage of them.

This is not a case of biting the hand that feeds you, the job as President is to ensure your workers/members who deliver their services are paid on a timely basis. The relationship structure should be clearly defined.

Claude you have been displaying some real disrespect for college boy since the very beginning of this caper. College boy's role is far from over.


We all know that everyone on the PanTrinbago executive panel have some ties to a particular band or bands. This is how they got elected in the first place. Unless he has a leadership role in Desperadoes i don't think he will blemish the band. I think if he was heavily involved with the hall of fame band Despers then he would have found a way to keep the band in the gang infected Laventille. This is my tit for tat Claude because I keep hearing your talk about Keith Diaz like if he was El Capon or John Gotti. Them big bands are performing from tonight starting in the south land. Let's concentrate on the Panorama 2017 competitions now and stop the speculating! But then again when you meet up with the other vets in the various panyards and here abroad in we own house and club limes you can't stop the hoopla especially with the sensitivity of things in Pan in the Mecca. Enjoy the bands in the coming weeks .

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those are the words of John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902).

Not that I’m saying that those in charge of Pan Trinbago are great men but in the microcosm of the steelband world, they would appear to be great.

Usually history tells us time and time again that each leader is inevitably succeeded by someone worse. So let us be very careful what and who we wish for.

Select a replacement if needs be with utmost care!

They are biting the hand that feed them.


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