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To Boycott or Not to Boycott Panorama 2017? That is the Question - or is it?

Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. - Is it a strike (by players) or is it a boycott (by bands) that is looming like a massive storm, with the potential magnitude to forever change the face of the prestigious annual steelband music competition of Trinidad & Tobago, known as Panorama? Depending on your point of view and who you talk to it is neither, both, or one or the other. Regardless - all is not right in the land of Pan. This has been a season of discontent.

Normally this the point in the year when drums of steel begin to rumble on the twin-islands of Trinidad and Tobago while shaking the earth into a powerful, harmonious and joyful dance with its people, while iron men simultaneously rattle ancient rhythms that allow direct communication with the Gods - all through its pulsating, Calypso/Soca music. Indeed, this event has a special spiritual component that cannot be explained by ordinary means. But not so this year - thus far. The melodies are in the wrong key and the rhythm is clearly out of time. Panorama, the greatest musical competition and expression of culture on the planet is in serious jeopardy of not happening.
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Everybody will FALL IN LINE and jam dey PAN for PANORAMA. For one week after PANORAMA we will discuss how the judges tief SO AND SO. And then they will spend the rest of the year crying down the PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE.

From a political standpoint, I thought that this boycott/strike was the best opportunity to dethrone Keith Diaz and bring some vision and integrity to the organization. But people love PANORAMA too much (MUCH TOO MUCH) to study about PAN PROGRESS.

Wait Claude, wait..., You can't just teef children Christmas Money just so. And then call the Honorable Minister Dr. Dolly out with a blatant lie. There is nothing in this world like the scorn of a pissed off Dr. Dolly...  Rolly Polly won't even make the 2017 gangsta review after the minister done with him.


You still studying about dethroning Diaz?...A Panorama boycott could be the best way to fix the competition....let the powers that be sit down and really study the nonesense that it has become...look I now realizing that B.J. Marcelle and Pelham teaming up for Exodus and "some other Marcelle" arranging for B.J.'s band Nightingales...so I stupid...right?...Nah all ah we...Men admitting that they play for 18 bands in 2016 and all kinda thing...You have 70-odd bands registered for the Single Pan category and all they have to separate the sheep from the goats is a Semi-Final?...to pick 20 bands?...and you studying Diaz?...
I will say again Panorama 2017 is just adding socks to cover to the sorefoot...the wound needs serious opening up and inspection...Pan Trinbago 'fraid to amputate and all who cussing for dey $1000.00 really doh mind playing for free last year because at least they have a chance still make a lil something in 2017...at any rate the people making the most noise so far occupying the top of the food chain anyway...so they can't fool me one bit...
Amputate the friggin sorefoot...it go grow back eventuallly...

GREAT AMPLIFICATION, merrytonestothebone. And on top of that yuh right -- I still studying Diaz. But ah making ah promise to you that from the time the clock strike midnight Pacific Time tonight on this forum -- you will never hear me talk about Keith Diaz on this forum again.

"and all who cussing for dey $1000.00 really doh mind playing for free last year because at least they have a chance still make a lil something in 2017"

Like yuh is ah master of telepathy -- ah watching this Alabama football game and that exact thought just cross meh mind. Ah was thinking: Yuh think dem PAN MEN leaving that $24,000,000 on the table -- yuh mad or what!

Is it January yet?  Surprise, surprise Minister dropping bombs...


I agree with you  merrytones, amputate the sorefoot, but allyuh do it after the panorama. I longing to hear what Mia will do with birdsong and doh talk about BJ and Zanda doing the same song.

I would like someone to call their bluff and see what happens. Most  Steelbands do not go out on to the streets for carnival so will we really miss them, I know I wont.

It have some fellas here who are still living in the old generation of pan and off course their stubborn old minds will not change. It took one of the top panmen from Trinidad All Stars( and we all know he does his thing year round) Dane Gulson to stand up and say he and pan players have had enough of Pan Trinbago and is eather they pay us the $1000 or we boycotting 2017 panorama. Phase ll arranger Len Boogsie Sharp have followed suit . Where is the rest of the other 178 steelbands leaders ? Together we aspire! Together we achieve!

A boycott will solve nothing for the panmen but will take the executive off the hook. They can then say that the panmen strike and they can't do anything about it and the problem will disappear.

Except the country, supporters, players and visitors will lose.

The way to go is a lawsuit.

If the players sue them for the money they will either have to pay or go to jail.

That effectively removes the executive.

It's such an easy way out, why are people talking about boycotts and murder when the courts are there to be utilized

Not so easy, though it should be based on your logical thinking, but yuh talking bout courts in Trinidad & Tobago and that (the TT judicial system) is where a further problem lies but might be worth a try.

Wayne,couldn't agree with you more. I've been saying the same thing ,let them dress up in their expensive African attires and meet then at the court house.


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