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Watch (Day 2 - South/Central) Medium Prelims Live Feed - January 31, 2020

Jan. 31, 2020

  • (Day 2 - South/Central) Judging in the Panyards/Communities - Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama competition:  Medium Conventional Steel Orchestra - Preliminaries South/Central Region steel orchestras.  Time:  6:00 p.m. --- 4 steel orchestras --- Hatters,Trinidad Valley HarpsSiparia DeltonesTornadoes  | Venue:  respective panyards, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, W.I.   More info

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Hatters -  2020 Tune of choice:  “Trouble In The Morning  |  arrangers:  Earl Brooks Sr. & Earl Brooks Jr.

Trinidad Valley Harps - 2020 Tune of choice:  De Party Now Start  |  arranger:  Vanessa Headley

Siparia Deltones - 2020 Tune of choice:  “Festival Song”  | arranger:  Akinola Sennon

Tornadoes  2020 Tune of choice:  Tobago Gals  |  arranger:  Shervon “Shev” Edwards

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Yes Deltones...

HATTERS have some FINELY TUNED PANS!!! And they played the CALYPSO in CALYPSO!!!

It's over. Marlon White and Andre White got this. Everyone else bringing up the rear..

Only thing left is to check out Odie with Steel Xplosion tomorrow.


Not so fast Bugs...Deltones will have a say in the matter too...They have the best overall sound (balance) so far...The arrangement is very modern...avant garde...


The judges are far too conservative to handle what Deltones is pushing. They are not ready for that.


Hatters' sound was too thin for my liking...Too much tenor (pan)...I expected more from the arranging style too...Vanessa didn't turn me on with Trinidad Vally Harps either...

I'm very disappointed with Hatters. You have to work at messing that tune up. If they making it to the semis I would recommend a complete do-over.


At this later date merrytonestotebone; we actually figured a 9 to 14, appreciating Katzenjammers, Deltones and Pamberi among some others, but got the 9, for now that is.

+ Wow! Of all people, you should know that tenors are precious! Bless dem players! And the rest as well!

You seem to be listening to the wrong, poor sound video.
Try this link below, with a good sound system, and you’ll learn why.

 Cheers. tobagojo

Yes...listened to another recording...much better than what I first heard...They are deserving of the Semis spot...

merrytones, Deltones was awesome, their music is very Zandaish, hats off to Akinola Sennon.

Listen nah...Go back to the East page and give Tipica a listen...This Medium Panorama is pressure this year...Seion was his usual kinda over-cooked but good self with Sound Specialists...

Cecil we doh agree often...but yuh have meh vote on this one...Akinola get his players to do some really unexpected and exciting things with that Ella Andall tune...


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