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Duvone Stewart in concert,,,

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Thanks for thinking of us as we chat virtually.  Nice job.

Big Up from your TO Peeps too bro, 'nuff respect, Roger...

Bravo Duv, well done!!!

Ah like the EXTEMPO!!!

Good to see DUVONE STEP UP!!!


You ain't soldier love the passion

I mean't you ain't easy. 

Much appreciation Duvone..

Many thanks. Well done.

Class is Class

During times like this, the goodness of human nature is exemplified through the kind, caring and altruistic acts of some individuals to others. This is an instance of Duvone Stewart sharing his time and talents, par excellence, for the benefit of the world. The display of his magnanimity equally matches the display of his outstanding panmanship skills. More admirable, is  the fact that God was mentioned in his presentation, which speaks volumes for the character of Duvone Stewart.

Many thanks to you, and may God continue to bless you in your life's journey in making merry the hearts of all steelpan music lovers. 


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