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These three members of the WST pan family worked tirelessly to bring down the Keith Diaz executive of Pan Trinbago. Congratulations gentlemen on a job VERY WELL DONE!!! Now lets all work tirelessly to build a new and better Pan Trinbago we can be all proud of.

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Bertel: You and me is SPECIAL PARDNERS!!! You know that!!! Long before them TWO CIP MEN come on the scene!!! So doh TIE ME UP with dem TWO FELLAHS.

And everybody who has followed this forum knows that the ONLY REASON that I am on THIS FORUM was to support the EFFORTS of CECIL HINKSON who loves PAN and is GENUINELY DYING FOR PAN PROGRESS more than anybody else IN THE WORLD.

But GREGORY LINDSAY is my HERO!!! He did a GREAT JOB!!!!

And YOU!!! I have the UTMOST RESPECT for your LOVE OF PAN!!!

Claude, ah just saying as ah see it. They always say that ungratefulness is worst than witchcraft? I must show my gratitude to all you guys for the work you ALL did on this forum in this regard. GREAT!! THANKS!!

 Off D bat ah nominating Claude for the post of Minister Without Portfolio in PT new executive .


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