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Well ah made a BIG FUNDAMENTAL ERROR!!! I thought that the PAN TRINBAGO INTERNAL WAR was about POWER -- but I just found out it is about MONEY ...

... Ah does still keep thinking that PAN TRINBAGO is about PAN PROGRESS. Like MARKETING PAN MUSIC GLOBALLY and improving the SOLOING SKILLS of the LOCALS and DEVELOPING THE PAN YARDS with better facilities and setting up a few PAN MUSIC STUDIOS so that we could improve the QUALITY of RECORDED PAN MUSIC.

And that kinda thinking does just distract from the TRUE PURPOSE of the ORGANIZATION which is for the LEADERS OF PAN TRINBAGO to stuff their pockets with MONEY. So when this latest BACCHANAL START ah had on the WRONG THINKING CAP and is only when ah man call me quite from TOCO and set me straight on the CURRENT CAUSE OF THE CURRENT BATTLE. Which turn out to be the same OLE CAUSE of the OLD KEITH DIAZ BATTLES: MONEY!!!

Could you imagine that the LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION and the PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO does make almost the same MONTHLY SALARY -- almost THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS a month. So MENDEZ and GULSTON and CARLON kicking hell because dem fellahs looking to pocket 12 and 15 thousand DOLLARS a month for doing what I DON'T KNOW.

And when BEVERLEY refuse to SHARE THAT KINDA BREAD -- well WAR START. And here I was thinking that they had POLICY and POWER disputes.

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  1. To whom does the header of the above spread sheet identify a record of disbursements over a period of time? If you guessed MANAGEMENT... you are a WINNER.
  2. Are those named in Claude Gonzales' query hewers of wood, and drawers of water?
  3. Are those named in Claude Gonzales' query MANAGEMENT?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Mr. RP give me a call nah...... 

you know how long I trying to get your number?

This is a sad turn of events. running the Pan Movement is easy money, the trick is never let the public see you having disputes over money. loss of public confidence bring everything to a halt. 


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