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Well maybe the PAN COMMUNITY will wake up and learn to HONOUR THEM when they are ALIVE instead of wating until DEY DEAD to express all this LOVE and APPRECIATION and SENTIMENT ...

... pick the NEXT PIONEER who is at the end of HIS JOURNEY and HONOR THE MAN while he is STILL ALIVE. Don't wait until THE MAN IS DEAD to suddenly wake up to HIS CONTRIBUTIONS and LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!


I could call names -- but I don't want to be MORBID!!!

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Sir Claudius:
I couldn't agree with you more. Honour them now. Not Later.

BTW, you made a statement in another post that resounds in my being.
I quote you: "I Have Lived Life."
Many may say it. Few can really say it with conviction the way I think you did.
I think you meant it.
Way to go, Sir Claudius Maximus.

Black Stalin - Appreciation


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