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Well THE WHOLE PAN WORLD wants to know what went on in the PAN TRINBAGO MEETING YESTERDAY: So here goes!!!

For the benefit of all who were not in attendance at PT meeting held on 21/01/2020, please note the following -
Present Executives:
Beverley Ramsey-Moore, Keith Simpson, Gerard Mendez, Dane Gulston, Denise Hernandez, Lauren Pierre and Darryl Greenidge.
Absent/Excused Executives - Carlon Harewood and Marcus Ash.
Start time: 5:37 pm.
A prayer was said. 
Points touched on are as follows:
* Single Pan Panorama Finals was a great show. In spite of the Panorama starting without money, the showmanship and response was welcoming. Despite challenges, bands were well dressed. Friendly rivalry was outstanding. Broadcasted live on TTT. 
To collect balance on NCC assistance at end of meeting.
* Small Bands Panorama - was also broadcasted on TTT & streamed live.
Turn out was poor was the feedback. Bull Track was nice, where the lime was. Those who benefitted financially were the concessionaires. Note: Already collected their assistance.
* Medium Band Panorama - start date 28th Jan, 2020. Assistance was already collected. PT working assiduously with the THA to ensure that the Finals will be a success in Tobago.
* Large Band Panorama - Can collect assistance after meeting.  Some of our winners will be featured at the finals.
Floor was opened at 5:49 pm...
* Missing executive members from the table
* Suggestion to sell Panorama tickets at a reduced cost to all bands. 
* Suggestion to lessen the admission cost at the Finals of Single Pan. To increase attendance
* Raffle - ticket price
* Executive members need to exercise caution in what they say to member bands. And be fair, accurate and consistent with the count. There is biasness..
* Promotion of Single Pan and Small Band Finals was poor.(There was a challenge with funds). 
* Players violated conditions by playing in multiple bands in the same category. Rampant!! Ghost players, flouting rules, etc. Rules need to treat with 'consequences'
* The rotation of bands for Pan Yard Judging. Some bands will always play 1st, or last & the
middle bands will always be in the middle.
*Arrangers arranging for multiple bands in the same category. Flouting rules. What are the consequences? 
* Collusion with the VP and the judges
* The need to push back Panorama dates due to availability of funds. It reduces time between semis and finals
* Discussions on the feasibility of the stage to be extended to accommodate Large bands. The size presently is to accommodate Trucks free flow, fire services and security issue if too big. Fire needs access to emergency exists, dead zone/risk zone. Bands will need to adjust their set up.
*Pyrotechnics - Bands must inform PT of intended use. An announcement needs to be made to the audience.  Procedure... Inform Central Executive. Inform of the company in use. Make arrangements to meet with Fire Services prior. Bands need to pay to have fire official who is trained with pyrotechnics. That is the law. Suggested... A policy needs to be formulated and enforced. And placed in the rules.
* There are rules, but no penalties. Penalties should be outlined up front. We are evolving. 
* President will meet with ALL medium bands before Tobago Panorama Finals. It's the first time final in Tobago, need to be prepared for the culture shock. Arrangements to be made with Port Authority and CAL to accommodate the extra load. Note: 60 + folks take the boat for free.
* PT producing CD and DVD for Single Pan and Small bands
* Ms. Toby will book all 10 medium bands for Tobago re medium band finals
* Mr. Tash of Despers is in hospital. Ward 16
* President made announcement that there was a reshuffling of the Executives. An investigation is currently being conducted. Note.. Keith Simpson is now Vice President. Carlon Harewood is now the Assistant Secretary and Lauren Pierre is now a Trustee. The members asked for reasons and transparency. The President asked that the membership trust her. And to trust the process. Investigations are ongoing and within 3 months the Central Executive will get back to the membership. Whitfield Weekes is now the PRO.
* The constitution needs to be reviewed.
End time : 7:28 pm.

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... and I thought that I woulda get the ASSISTANT TO THE ERO JOB!!!

The VEE PEE get ah ASSISTANT JOB -- and NADA for me!!!

TO BE MADE, and not, HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE with Port Authority and CAL after having made an executive decision to take the medium band finals to Tobago since April 2019?

Nine (9) months later Pan Trinbago is telling bandleaders that arrangements ARE TO BE MADE with the inter-island carriers?

This report must be inaccurate. 

Claude...Since Madame President asked her members to "trust her and the process"...I doubt any public statement will be forthcoming...Not with all the juicy Panorama bacchanal looming on the horizon...


Like Claude looking to win the 2020 investigative Pan and Carnival journalist award. And it's only January. 

The Pan Trinbago super fan facebook channel gone silent. Not even ah Trivia question to release the tension.


Well we know why Marcus Ash was missing. He is responsible for the Junior Panorama. The man real busy.

But why was  Carlon Harewood missing?

Where did he go?

What did the Bev do to him?


Bugs ah sure yuh could remember yuh mother asking yuh as a chile..."Boy yuh ah have no shame?"...Eh?...The Bev send him to the Principal's office for detention...

"* There are rules, but no penalties. Penalties should be outlined up front. We are evolving."

MTTB: How many times ah tell yuh that every society EVOLVES at its own pace -- Look PAN TRINBAGO take meh line and using it BOLD BOLD SO.

But how you know it have more JUICY BACCHANAL looming on the PANORAMA HORIZON -- yuh is PROPHET of DOOM and GLOOM?


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