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Andy has such a nice touch and he always gets the best sound from his instrument.

I think that he might have gotten new PANS from ELLIE (just guessing). He was in Morgantown with Ellie from July 9th to 15th and then this show in JAPAN took place on August 1-2-3. But that is two of the BEST PANS I may have ever heard. Not to mention the way he plays them. Although a couple times I have been to Trinidad and brought back a few REAL GOOD PANS especially one HIGH TENOR that I well remember.


They need to put a BAND like that together in TRINIDAD and send them on TOUR -- WORLWIDE. Even ONE GOOD PAN MAN and they could pick up MUSICIANS on the outside. The GLOBAL DEMAND is there. That is where a PROGRESSIVE PAN TRINBAGO with EFFECTIVE ADMINISTRATION could beat out EVERYBODY because TRINIDAD is the ORIGINAL LAND OF THE STEELBAND -- so they have THE CALLING CARD.

But right now we watching PANS MADE IN AMERICA with PLAYERS BORN IN AMERICA traipsing all over the GLOBE representing THE INSTRUMENT that WE INVENT.


the man bad

DIS 1. 4 RAF

My guess after Panorama not many will recall the tune of choice from the wining steelband, all across the globe on satellite radio, smooth jazz channels on cable TV and subscription music websites like iTunes and Pandora the royalty checks will have his name printed in them.

From Curtis Betaudier Birdsong Steel Orchestra performing before the judges at Panorama Preliminaries 2016. Their tune of choice is titled "Dis 1 4 Raf" composed and arranged by Andy Narell.

odw, this music with a large band is awesome, we rejected it for Panorama which is sad because we are used to a type of panorama music. I just realize that we may never hear this type of music by a large band again.

Like the saying goes the only thing permanent in the universe is CHANGE. Just think in the mid-80s under the late Anim Smith former PT president, appearance fees for Panorama was $500, twenty years later panmen and women still accepting that amount as payment for their work.

At least you get your monies worth with Andy. ALL the time.

So Andy Narell is real good, eh? New pans, old pans, no difference. No news to me.

And the majority wanted to make his music ....a race thing. He cyar play panorama music and lots of foolishness to follow. His steelpan music is accepted globally.

Wonderful! Again Steel Orchestras should focus on concerts and not only on Competitions. Solo versatility and stage shows such as these; musical excursions....themes and tributes in Steel combined with others. Supporters should be be eagerly looking forward to be entertained at the highest level, not only for bragging rights but to take its rightful place as any other.

Nice, I believe those are the tones of his mentor, Ellie Mannette.  

Andre: It is a whole GLOBAL BUSINESS HOOKUP. Andy plays Ellie's Pans all around the world and when people inquire about getting a "PAN LIKE THAT" for their children (or whoever) he simply directs them to HIS WEBSITE which in turn links to ELLIE'S website for purchases.

Simple enough!!! I don't know why it is so hard for TRINIDAD (the LAND OF THE STEELBAND) to put a couple groups like this out in the GLOBAL SPHERE. We all know that the DEMAND for the music is there. It just has to be polished and performed by people with the right skill and DIPLOMATIC CHARACTER.

That is why I like SALMON CUPID so much. He is the best PAN DIPLOMAT from Trinidad I have seen so far. Oh hell, I forget that he from CANADA. It goes beyond JUST PLAYING THE PAN.


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