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Something ought to be said about the ability of PanTrinbago executive to hold on to power seven months after they were to have an election, they are so sure of themselves that they are telling us what they are going to do in 2014. They are able to manipulate the legal system of T&T and render the opponent  nul and void.

The question that is begging to be asked is why the opposition cannot use the legal system to make them call an election?

If they replace the candidates that's involve in the courts why can't the election be held?

Is the opposition getting the best legal advise?

Just asking.....

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Cecil, Looks like Claude know what he is talking about when he said that Diaz in untouchable, lol


I hate to admit it but Claude was correct. Ah could hear him saying "ah tell allyuh so"

Cecil, do you think it is wise to Bully the BULLIES???

Bertel, You have to beat the Bullies at their own game.

Bullying the BULLIES would only make it worse, and Pan will suffer. We need a change for Pan to go forward, and it makes no sense to bully your way to win. We would only replace one Bully with another.

So we are to leave these people to run things, what's to stop them from using the court again when the present case is finished? everyone knows that's their intention.

To me it look like the opposition got use to being the victim and is getting weaker with each passing day. They have to stop waiting for things to happen and make things happen, if this means bullying the bully so be it.

As I said on this forum in another posting, I have never heard of an unjust leadership anywhere that ever come out clean in the end, they always self-destruct.The thing is, we dont want them to take Pan with them. 

Bertel my Brother you are a faithful soldier and I have the utmost respect for you but here what has happen to me, I find myself admiring the battle the present administration is waging to stay in power, these people are fighting for their jobs and they are going at it with all they've got, on the other hand the opposition has setteled into a wait and see mode, there is no fight in them and frankly it looks like they don't know how to fight.

These people are telling you what they are going to do in 2014, that mean they don't see anyone stopping them, that's insulting, they don't see the opposition as a player.

What is needed is for the opposition ot let them know it is not business as usual they are existing on borrowed time, they tied up everything in court, find a lawyer to untie it, don't just sit-back and wait, show them the stuff you are made of, make them respect you as a player.

My dear friend Cecil, You are admiring BULLIES that may win a few battles here and there but will ultimately lose the war!

Nothing, unless and until the leaders of the bands develop the "guts" and testicular fortitude to challenge the current executive.  They must not be afraid of victimization of themselves and their respective bands.  Did anyone really keep back the maestro LEN BOOGISE SHARPE and Phase ll when he did DO SOMETHING FOR PAN. Most band leaders are unhappy about the current situation but fear is gripping them at their throats, afraid to speak. Who is going to lead the troops in this battle?

In the meantime, the organization is drifting like a leaderless ship without a compass.  The organization is loosing its credibility , young members are disenchanted, mismanagement of the organizations funds continues to be the order of the day, no proper planning, no feasilibity studies done on any project, and most of all no clinical post  analysis of events. The government is only promising to finish the NATIONAL LAND MARK OF SHAME on the highway, and the corporate sector have washed their hands from it.

Ever since Mr. Keith Diaz became president in 2009, a recent review of expenditure sows some startling results.  E.g.  over $2.7M has been spent on legal fees.  A breakdown is as follows: 2009 - $449,982.  -  2010 - $385,863.  2011 - $847,839.  2012 - $1,111.921. making a grand total of $2,795.605.00. (all figures mentioned can be seen in the respective AGM financial reports)  All this money spent persecuting the members of PAN TRINBAGO.  What a shame, the NATIONAL LANDMARK OF SHAME could have been nearing completion, or the government and corporate Trinidad & Tobago, may have decided to help since you're trying to help yourself.  Yet people are afraid, they sit in their little corners waiting to receive the little pittance they get from Pan Trinbago.  Those who provide a little service here and there are afraid they will lose that, their band may not get a play out in Pan in the country side, or Tobago Jazz?  Is that what we've become? 

Recently, the Carnival Bands Association of T'dad & Tobago was formed and they have already started to force the leaders of N.C.B.A to rethink their position, they have already gotten the culture Minister to call for an AUDIT of the N.C.B.A.  hats off to Mr. Gerald Weekes and Ms, Rosalind Gabriel the 2 drivers behind the new organization.  Now we have a precedent can we proceed. Any band leader who is reading this is willing to put up their hand - I doubt it?  I rest my case.

In my next post I will give some details of the president's travels and the costs since assuming office.  Stay tuned.



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