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What really happened in the court case: Pan Trinbago against Keith Diaz.

What really happened in the court case: Pan Trinbago against Keith Diaz.


By Aquil Arrindell


I have never entered a courtroom in my life. However, for this case I took the time out to observe and learn so that I can properly inform my membership. For far too long we, the membership, have been lied to and misinformed in matters such as these and in true PT form, I am already hearing everything but the truth being bandied about the place.


The first thing the pan community must know is that you were not officially represented at all in this matter. It was photo and his crew against, mainly, Mr. Diaz. Mr. Diaz used his own money for council, however evidence is pointing in the direction that photo and his band of thieves used the organisation’s money. Now it is interesting to see if they will pay back PT because the photo faction lost the argument regarding their authority to represent PT in this case. The judge’s view on this was that the general body voted them out, though whether it was illegally done is yet to be determined. So this case should really be photo and his crew in their individual capacities against the 90 plus members (Pan Trinbago) who voted them out and not Mr. Diaz. Pan Trinbago (the members) should be the defendant, that the Plaintiff (photo and his crew) are suing.


Photo’s lawyer, Mr Scoon, brought several arguments as to why the decision of the general membership should be reversed. Those being:

  1. We did not meet the 60% requirement.
  2. Photo did not sign the notice.
  3. We cannot use an extraordinary general meeting to remove officers.
  4. Members did not get a 28-day notice
  5. Photo’s crew did not get a chance to defend themselves before judgment.
  6. We should have used the disciplinary measures in the constitution to discipline the officers.


Senior council Gilkes who represented Mr Diaz, in my opinion, destroyed all the arguments presented by Photo’s lawyer. However, in the judgement on Friday, which was only to determine if the case was an arguable one, the judge in his wisdom thought that the argument

  1. We did not meet the 60% requirement,is the only thing that could be an arguable factor.


He ruled that until he made a decision on that, things would be returned to the status quo as it is normal practice to do so.


Based on the direction and the circumstances of the case, the judge is suggesting that the membership use the Special Convention to have an early election. He thinks that we should come to an agreement before the following Friday in the best interest of the organization. The membership has already agreed that they want to go in that direction so let us see whose interest photo’s crew care about.


What is amusing and ironic is that photo and his band of five thieves hate Mr. Diaz so much that they took him to court and he ended up back as President. Mr. Diaz, the one they took to court did not lose. It is the membership that are continually on the losing end because Photo, Shepherd, Scobby, Tempo, El Salvadour, and Pablow, alledgedly took the membership’s money to challenge the membership’s decision. I am calling for persona non gratafor these men. There is no other group of people, in Pan Trinbago, that have brought the organization to public disrepute as these men are continually allowed to do. I am calling on Mr. Diaz and the central executive to call a meeting and report to the membership.


Aquil Arrindell

The eyes and ears of the membership.

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Geez, I thought I had it. Sorry folks.

Yuh run ah GOOD SECOND!!!


Good evening to all and a special good evening to my good friend Mr. RP .... 

i am sensing a rancour tone from your reply.

learnt that word the other day. Just wanted to use it back on the person a leant it from.

thanks mr. R.P....lol

Aquil: From day one I TOLD YOU: Not to bite on the RUSSELL BAIT.

But  like BIG BAMBOO break up in yuh ear

When ah talk you wouldn't hear!!!!


Aquil is ah good boy following bad company.

I have absolutely nothing to gain from being on this forum, and it would be foolish of me to become emotional in "ole talk". I learned a long time ago, that you can tell someone at the top of your voice, "TAKE AH HIKE" (yuh done know is not that ah wanted tuh write), or you can whisper in their ear, "take a hike", same intent, more powerful impact, I prefer the latter. Yuh following bad company dawg, and yuh too naive tuh know it. Your time may have been more productively spent hanging out with "The Dolly House Queen", whom I suspect may have been in Point, making sure that Birch get 'een tuh mingle with de celebrities, and that no small fry eh give him no trouble by de entrance!

Mr. Arrindell you have indicated that this forum is ah "ole talk forum", and influences nothing, or anyone, I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment.

However, an elderly american gentleman of african descent told me recently that Obama committed three (3) unpardonable sins while in office, which are;

  1. Promoting alternative lifestyles (I don't want to use words that my be offensive to others, although I do not support their alternative lifestyles)
  2. Supporting pro-choice (I couldn't get more sociopolitical than that)
  3. Taking Israel for granted.

Aquil too, may have committed three (3) unpardonable sins

  1. Promoting The CIP, who, as they emerge out of the woodwork are becoming more recognizable as Cobos Invading Pan Trinbago (alternative administrators).
  2. Maligning Mr. Diaz (calling him a thief, and now proclaiming that he used HIS OWN MONEY to retain counsel. Gregory called him transparent on national TV (his-choice). 
  3. Taking Forteau for granted. 

Brilliant musician that boy, with a world of opportunities available to him.

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a THOUSAND MORE if only they knew THEY WERE SLAVES. – Harriet Tubman

alyuh see y i have to love Russell. 

i hear you bro. 

don't agree 

but appreciate the advice and warnings all the time......

an elderly american gentleman of african descent told me recently that Obama committed three (3) unpardonable sins while in office ...

Russell: Boy  yuh break meh heart!!! I was planning to marry you in the heart of the GLOBAL CENTER OF HOMOSEXUALITY (SAN FRANCISCO) until you published LINE 1 of your posting. But beyond the OLE TALK. But let me MOVE ON!!! I cannot believe that you are listening to some elderly american gentleman of african descent when you have access to ME -- the most astute student of the OBAMA ASCENSION from the time that he had that first interview in 2009 with the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE to the day that he and MICHELLE thought that he would be PRESIDENT FOR SIXTEEN YEARS!!!


And leave meh pardner AQUIL alone!!!

Wow!.....RP!! Yuh biting like DAT pardner...hmph..

This is "Ah Ole Talk Forum" Gregory my brother, "is only joke people does be making here", ask yuh bredrin from The CIP Aquil, it is he that shared that insight here.

Did you see SNL this weekend, that too, is "Ah Ole Talk Forum",  the only difference is that contributors on that forum are handsomely paid, while I have to shell out my own funds to entertain Claude Gonzals and his band of miscreants (LOL), not unlike The President of Pantrinbago whom you described on national TV as Transparent, and whom your partner Aquil Arrindell told this forum, RETAINED COUNSEL WITH HIS OWN MONEY, while FORTEAU and the plaiintiffs whom he locked out of 14-17 Park Street, Port of Spain, with your support (imagine that) used PANMEN's MONEY TO RETAIN COUNSEL to take you both to court and whip your butts, although it was Diaz who won, although he lost, as his resignation was rescinded, and contrary to your wishes, and rhetoric, returned to his substantive position at 14-17 Park Street, Port of Spain.

It's all jokes Gregory, although "ah ketch you and Aquil toting", as he claims to detect Racour, which you choose to interpret as"Biting", don't you see it has all been comedy, only comedy!

This is "Ah Ole Talk Forum" Gregory my brother, "is only joke people does be making here", ask yuh bredrin from The CIP Aquil, it is he that shared that insight here.

He is right Gregory. 

did you notice, I, the person mr. RP accused of al kind of unspeakable misdeeds answered like is no big deal..

because this is the old talk forum 

what is said here has no political consequence and the biggest talkers here can not do any thing for Pan Trinbago, pan, pan people, trinidad or the world. especially by attacking the people actually doing something. So when you reading RP's work, look for the punch line in the joke.... lol 

some body does write Aquil articles, and play aquil pan, and arrange aquil music, and aquil not really aquil protesting is somebody else. lol ..... 

if that is not the joke of the week i don't know what is......... 

only on WST... the old talk forum...


After you finish licking you wounds you will realize that RP did you a favor. He gave you a necessary and well earned public cleaning and shellacking.  In other words he gave you a reboot. Remember the WST forum is not Facebook where men does run and hide and push the "like" button for everything or un-friend anything they don't like or can't handle. 

The CIP entered the forum talking like y'all understood that failure was not an option. But now y'all sound like a bad Comedy Central script.

RP dropped one of those Jedi moves on you. He gave you a chance to be more powerful than you ever envisioned-that is if you can embrace your failings and come again with a winning strategy and end game.

Ah mean really-- CIP works with Polly to resign-D'Photo sues Polly and returns Polly back to office.


Please see the judgment of Ronnie Boodoosingh on the discussion forum...it is the source document for this discussion posted by Aquil Arrindell... Thanks


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