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Who is the best overall Pan Tuner in Trinidad and Tobage

Dear WST "Members" There has been talk over the the past decades as to who is the best pan tuner in

Trinidad and Tobago.Could you make your selection for the top (10) ten present or passed Pan

Tuners?. This question should be very interesting among the many pan lovers out there. 

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Tony Williams. Ellie Manette

The Best pan tuner for me will always be the late Alan Gervais from Point Fortin . He was way ahead of his time . The tone and sweetness of his pans were extraordinary. We are now experiencing this from the tuners of today. He was a Trailblazer and a lot of good Sando tuners learned from him . Blessings .
I absolutely agree. For me, all the tuners mentioned were excellent. However, Alan Gervais had that intangible thing that the others lacked---genius.

Sir/Doctor/Professor/Maestro  Mr. Anthony Williams.    No West bias.

Anthony "skip" Williams, Carlton "sonny" Roach, Herman "rock" Johnston, Allen Gervais, James "bass man" Jackman, Wallace Austin, Lincoln Noel, Vernon "birdie" Mannette, who was tuning before Ellie, Elliott "ellie" Mannette, Ellie's nephew Herman Gomez who created the Invaders tenor pan with the F# in the middle, Neville Jules, inventor of the

"Cuatro Pan forerunner of the Guitar Pan",  Percy "lizard" Thomas, the inventor of the Double Tenor in 1954,

Emmanuel "cobo jack" Riley, there is and upcoming tuner name Sherwin "fessor" Pierre, who's recieving instructions from Williams protege, watch out fore him, the other tuners are "DENSE TUNERS" dense meaning crowded, crowded with "HARMONICS" the notes or tones, " are not clear or not clean" I was told when U strike a note you must hear a Chord, so  I've decided to let them to wollow in their ignorance fore a while longer...

And don't forget fellars, when U talk about tuners, all around tuning must be considered, from Tenors, D.Seconds, D.Tenors, Guitars, Cellos, to Basses... 

Started the first steel band in Western Canada in 1962 - the "Trade Winds". We got our pans - 2 lo B tenors, double 2nds. lo C cellos from Trinidad - I made the bass. We were told the pans came from the Invaders yard. These 55 year old instruments have never gone out of tune, have never needed a touch up. They've survived cold, cold winters and still sound as sweet as ever. No ringing aftertouch like todays pans but still a beautiful, soulful, warm tone. I'm keepin' em.

Richard Craig

Anthony williams,berti marshall,allen gervais
The award goes to all , this is where we do injustice to the art, keep that talk in the circle of they're one !

How come no one has mentioned Desmond "Mappo" Richardson? When he came to the Virgin Islands some years ago to tune the pans he made for the Love City Pan Dragons, I was keeping him company in our panyard when he set out to restore a couple sets of old peeling rusty quads that had never had anything resembling tone, and I sat with my jaw dropping lower and lower as he wrought his magic note by note and made them ring so sweetly that they could sing with his brand new instruments... and almost ten years later, the chrome on the instruments we got from him is still strong and beautiful...

Cupid, Boogsie approached Guppy on two occasions to work for his band. Guppy said his list is too long and he would have to drop a band to include him and he is not prepared to drop any band that is loyal to him over the years to include him.This came "from the horse's mouth".....a true gentleman.

I overheard that talk from Barry and Selwyn too. Was Boogsie tired of DD or some other reason? We see DD on the road for Jovert in London NH with his amplified scratcher...


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