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WIADCA BFF in big trouble.- Ex-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes may have used drug money seized from drug dealers

For years WIADCA parade their association with Charles Hynes as one of their best friends. Everyone associated with WIADCA seems to be dropping like flies.


Ex-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes may have used drug money seized from drug dealers, crooks to fund reelection bid: investigation

A report by the city’s Department of Investigations says the former district attorney paid a political consultant more than $200,000 — possibly seized from drug dealers and other felons — and allowed staffers to work on his campaign on the job. Hynes' reputation had already been sullied by a spate of wrongful murder convictions and accusations of unlawful prosecution tactics when he was in office

full article http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ex-brooklyn-da-charle...

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I'm not surprised at all. The whole WIADCA board all resign involuntarily on the same day with no warning. Now the man who would have had to prosecute WIADCA for wrong doings is now under investigation. Something smells funny here.

There are a ton of other good reasons, but this is one reason why steelbands in NY need to be organized and self-represented. WIADCA does nothing for the steelbands and the way WIADCA operates has been far from transparent and straightforward.

I agree with you Nutones. Hopefully Hynes will decide not go down by himself and will begin to shed light on his partners in crime. WIADCA's books and dealings need to be made public.

Birth, childhood, adulthood and death - that is the cycle of our Life!    I think WIADCA has gone through all of these stages.    We should bury it and prepare to welcome the new.    For years, people have called for new life blood.   The universe has heard and finally our prayers are answered.   Are we ready?

Hmm... Like they hear what allyuh saying, but not sure if the reaction is in line with what we want... http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/when-steel-talks-not-we...

They always say "be careful of what you Wish for", sometimes you jump from the Pot into the FIRE. Looks like we Jump into the FIRE.


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