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I really thought Popwell had this in the bag. His semifinal performance was better that their finals.


The way this ARRANGER danced around that EXTREMELY MELODIC HOOK LINE was just ENCHANTING.

And the FIDELITY to the ORIGINAL HOOK LINE IN THE ACTUAL CALYPSO that he was able to reproduce -- something I always complain about when they pick the wrong song -- was just simply AMAZING. And the SWEETNESS with which he presented the ORCHESTRAL PARTS weaving in and out of the MELODIC LINE ... hell, ah have to go back and listen to this thing another 5 or 6 times.

And that is a RARITY FOR ME!!!

Pamberi and Deltones should both have been higher placed too...But...That is competition for you...

merrytones I'm convince the judges doh know what to do when they hear music like what Deltones did, same thing happen when they played I'm not drunk.

Cecil Hinkson: Save your DISSENT for Saturday Night after the PANORAMA JUDGES leave BOOGSIE out of THE TOP THREE.

After JOYLANDERS win -- who cares about WHAT HAPPEN to dem LESSER BANDS!!!

Deltones really brought some interesting things to the table. If the judges were to recognize what they were doing, it would change the musical landscape of Pan in Trinidad and Tobago.



Understanding and identifying that once in generation talent is not something that is easy for judges. 

Look, Desperadoes had Andre White all to themselves and let him go. I don't think even now they understand what they had.



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