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An irate Keith Diaz: NCC has not taken over Pan Trinbago

This morning on CNC3's the Morning Brew in an explosive interview with Hema Ramkissoon the President of PanTrinbago said NCC has not taken over Pan Trinbago.
He said he has a meeting with his executive later this month.

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Comment by evan lobo on August 10, 2018 at 9:26am

 again its  pass the buck and blame game

 we tired of the same thing over and over

 relocate the circus

Comment by Claude Gonzales on August 10, 2018 at 2:38am

This remind me of Nancy Pelosi and the OBAMACARE BILL: "We have to pass the bill before you can see what's in it".

Keith Diaz have to agree to the NCC BILL and sign it before the PAN TRINBAGO MEMBERS could see what's in it.

KEITH DIAZ is the HIGHEST AUTHORITY in PAN TRINBAGO!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Gregory Lindsay. How many times yuh come on THIS FORUM trying to MAMAGUY big men telling we that THE MEMBERSHIP IS THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY in PAN TRINBAGO.

Go down to Mar-a-Largo and see how many of the PWT Trump Voters you see on the GOLF COURSE or the DINNER TABLE.

The tail doh WAG THE DOG, Mr. Gregory Lindsay.

KEITH DIAZ: The Greatest Politician in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Ah hear he sign ah three-year contract to PRODUCE PANORAMA for the NCC. So the man BUSINESS FIX until 2021. However, THE CRYSTAL BALL still saying: KEITH DIAZ TIL 2020!!!


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