"Archbishop of Pan" - Phase II Pan Groove (2012 Panorama SemiFinals)

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Phase II Pan Groove steel orchestra. Arranged by Len "Boogsie"Sharpe. Large Band category. I liked this arrangement by Boogsie quite well. Great tribute to a...

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  • I am Calling My Shot!! -  I have no doubt that Trinidad All Stars are the best and in a class of their own.   Yet, I would not be at all surprised if the title of Panorama Champions is given, I repeat, GIVEN to Phase 2.  Why?  Phase 2 is playing a song that is dedicated to one of Pan’s great supporters.  If history is an indicator of patterns, I believe that the judges would give it to Phase 2.  Remember, Phase 2 won playing a tribute to Clive Bradley. To be fair, I actually like Phase 2's semifinal Offering.  It was certainly a vast improvement on their Prelims rendition.  Let me be clear - All Stars is the bench mark - Phase 2's performance runs second, at best, to All Stars.  Many pan fans can attest that based on the All Stars "Offerings" of the Panoramas from 1987, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 - the judges seem to work hard to find another band to give the title to instead of conceding that All Stars is heads, shoulders, knees and toes above all other bands.  I know some people would say that arguments could be made for every year but I limit myself to these years because many other non-All Stars fans point to these occasions as obvious flaws in the judges’ decisions.   Of course, it is entirely possible that another band might just come up with some magic that turns the judges’ heads.  But for now, I have Phase 2 as the prime suspects to be judges’ accomplices for Panorama 2012.  Enjoy the competition everyone.

  • Boogsie and phase II has drawn a line in the sand who will cross.

  • This is how a panorama champion sounds. Sweet Sweet pan music.

  • Silent Tears, GB penned the following:

    "Dis is de Battle Hymn of de Republic" in the 3rd verse of this calypso. That, incidentally is the real title of the song "Glory Hallelujah" so maybe Boogsie could be forgiven for including it in his arrangement. Note that Seion Gomez did the same thing for Harmonites.

  • sounding good,too much arrangements  for we ald folks, love you though


  • Great music as always.......but my gripe is with Seion gomes and harmonites..they should have been disqualified for using have of boogies arrangements for this song in his own song.

  • Cyber-view was better than none, but yuh cyar beat being there in person to feel, hear and truly enjoy the experience...  Phase 2 done, so now onto the Finals!!!

  • LOVE THIS !  If only I was there...but thanks to WST....I am almost there. 

    Well done Phase 2. 

    No where on earth like T & T.

  • I enjoy Boogsie music and love this tribute. On Carnival Saturday night I am not thinking "glory halleujah." The spirit I want to feel says Play Yourself, Vibes, Gie Dem Tempo, King Carnival is here and so I am a bacchanalist...  Come ash Wednesday we can tap into our pious side.

  • Boogsie knows he has to knock out the champions, he still jabbing. Smooth and TAS are not relinquishing the crown. There is a reason why TAS is legendary on final night - come and Play Yourself.

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