Invaders at the Panorama Semi-Finals 2012

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Invaders Steel Orchestra Playing 'You Know I Like It' Music Composed by Arddin Herbert and Ricardo Jones and Lyrics and Rendition by Remy ...

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  • I had them 5th on that night, they were really good, Invaders what is for you is for you, hold on people...don`t give up...
  • My father must be dancing in his grave, hearing invaders.  "Doom" One of the great rhythm men of Invaders.

    Music sweet sweet sweet.

  • Although everyone keep saying we should come higher,i like the 10th place....makes us have an even bigger point to prove......As sparrow rightfully said 10 to 1 is murderrrrrrrrrrr

  • I think after this performance Sunday night Invaders should  have been up there in the TOP .

  • Great performance, nice hook "Yuh know ah like it" ah go dedicate dis one to all the women in meh life. Good Luck Addin.

  • Invaders really performed great.  The arrangement was tight and did not stray from the melody. Their pans are well tuned and have a nice tonal quality.  Hats off to the arranger and all the players,,,looks like they were having a really great time.  Moreover they deserved a better position in this competition. 


  • Not an invaders fan but they deserve a way better position than 10th......The arrangement and execution was great!!! 

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