Siparia Deltones - Let's Dance/Naked Riddim - Panorama Finals 2012

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2012 Large Band Panorama Finals

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  • Yeah..this was my favorite tune for 2012 and I loved the arrangement for panorama.  Sure wish I could have been there.  All who have the opportunity to experience panorama yearly...I hope you know just how blessed you are !

  • At a time when people are cramming their tunes with a million notes and twenty thousand chords*, Zanda is refreshingly clean and simple. He allows the players energy and enjoyment to lift this tune to another level. In my extremely humble opinion, the man is a genius!

    * There's a slight exaggeration here but you know what I mean - LOL!!!

  • Oh God, I died and am in pan heaven, jamming to this glorious music.

  • This is sweet pan, so rhythmic and energetic, simply lovely.

  •  Greetings: This is South's glory. I love them too. Dr. Lance Seunarine

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