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Album: Man From The Ghetto Arranged By Frankie McIntosh. 1981

2018 Tune of choice | Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra - TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

2014 Tune of Choice | Xpress 21 Steel Orchestra - TRINIDAD & TOBAGO



Taxi, Taxi
Airport Kennedy

Verse 1

Lorraine, you better wake up
Ah need ah jet plane to take me non-stop
Ah cyah stay in New York City
When there is sunshine and pan in my country
Lions is de place with de jammin'
With Kaly-Ann and Charlie's Roots clashin'
Everyone happy partyin'
And I'm freezin' in Brooklin, Darlin'


Lorraine doh cry ah leavin
Ah cyah miss dis jammin
With all dem steel band beatin
And woman background shakin
If de bug bite yuh baby
Then you could come and join me
Inside Catelli steelband
Jammin wit some man woman

Verse 2

Lorraine, girl take it easy
I don't mean to hurt you baby
The coldness makin me shiver
And back home, it hot like fire
That is why I say de next jet plane
Must take me to Port-of-Spain
Where all my fans are waiting
Preparing for J'Ouvert Morning, Darlin'


Verse 3

Babe, my mind is made up
Airport Kennedy will be my next stop
Doh cry and try to convince me
Because meh suitcase done pack already
And if you start feelin lonely
And mas fever vibrating yuh body
Just make ah quick reservation
And touch down in de land of steelband, woman



Doh cry honey
Yuh go see meh Ash Wednesday

Chorus  - (repeat til end)

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Comment by Jeff Medina on January 12, 2018 at 7:40pm

Yeah great arrangement by Frankie I do remember playing a few rhythm guitar tracks on this hit. I think it's the Bass Line that makes this tune just take You down the road. Marcelino on Bass if I remember correctly.The icing on the cake is Explainer's sweet vocals and those lyrics are Awesome! Nice. But I cant believe that they are bringing it back for Panorama in 2018. What's up with that?

Comment by Glenroy R Joseph on December 29, 2014 at 1:32pm

great kaiso!

This is one of the best of the "going home for carnival " calypsos which couldn't help but make us feel a bit homesick , back in the days when we were still young , and there was pan on the road at carnival.

Certainly brings back great memories and a tinge of nostalgia !

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