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Reggae Pan Classics II

The Steel pan is a beautiful creation originated in Trinidad & Tobago in the late 19.30's and is the only orchestral family of acoustic musical instruments to be invented in the 20th century. With instruments ranging from low bass to high sopranos, all made out of the same raw material (oil drums) makes this invention a magnificent achievement for people of Trinidad & Tobago who went through the struggles of being beaten up and locked up by the police for their love to develop this new musical sound.

The colonial rulers were against the beating of drums, singing and dancing, so they successfully brain washed many of the upper-class people of society to look down on these special artistic talents the African descendents carried. Strangely enough many of the people of the Caribbean and British born west Indians, Afro Americans still have strong elements of this kind of colonial thinking still imbedded in there actions. Many times you have to explain to people that the Steel pan is a musical instrument not a form of music. Reggae Pan Classics II is the perfect example of using the Steelpan instrument to blend in with different styles of music. Now adays we hear a lot of fusion with Soca and Dance hall music and Now we have Steelpan Reggae showing the Islands working together

CD Track lists
(1). Wonderful sound (2) Sweat ( 3.) Monkey Man.(4.) Memories ( 5 ) I Can't stop Loving you ( 6. )Fields of Athenry (7). Cheerio Baby. (8.) Steeling Love on the Side ( 9). Tears on my Pillow (10.) I'm in the Mood for love (11). Country Road(12). Stir it up (13). Rain drops keep falling on my Head(14.) Release Me (15). Sweet Sensation(16). Calypso Reggae Party

Reggae Pan Classics II is a fusion of Trinidad & Jamaican cultures with touches of Caribbean Jazz flavoured steelpan playing, this CD will surely bring musical Joy and Happiness to your home

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