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Jonathan Scales Fourchestra - MINDSTATE MUSIC (promo)

Jonathan Scales - double second steel pans (soloist)
E’Lon JD - bass guitar
Maison Guidry - drums
Louis Raymond-Kolker - tenor pan
Audrey Holden - tenor pan
Jeff Jones - tenor pan
Diana Loomer - tenor pan
Lauren Molloy - tenor pan
Vance Umphrey - double second pans
Jonah Payne - double second pans
Jonathan Scales - double second pans
Wyatt Bradford - guitar pans
Eric Luke - cello pans
Yuko Asada - bass pans
Jonathan Scales - triangle, tambourine, low toms, suspended cymbal
River Guerguerian - congas, bongos, shakers, cow bell, & silkworm cocoon rattles on “The Man”

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