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NEW 2014 Machel Montano - SHAMELESS "2014 Trinidad Soca" (Precision Productions) "OFFICIAL" w.Lyrics

| Performed by Machel Montano, Written by Akeem 'Pr...

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Comment by wmlpan on January 27, 2014 at 1:32am


Just to say I've got my South Trinidad bands interchanged.  It's La Brea Nightingales I meant, not Siparia Deltones, who could have gone with Machel's Shameless, instead of Pan In The Atmosphere (or Good Lord, even 'In The Minor')!!  No other band but La Brea got both the North Stand AND the Grand Stand up on the feet, dancing, when they played 'Action' a couple years ago.  And the judges said heck, NO, and left them out of the finals.  So much for that.  Anyway, La Brea definitely knows how to rock, but I suppose it's since they're not making it into the finals, they've changed course and gone with more traditional stuff maybe?  So therefore Pan in the atmosphere?  It would have been super cool to hear them funk with Shameless!

In addition to La Brea Nightingales, Siparia Deltones and Clive Zanda on the other hand, is also the band I'd play with, as I said Roll It, Pavement, I'm Not Drunk, etc. etc. etc. being their Tunes of choice in past years, and this year, its Play More Local for them - Wheee!!  So they've got the idea. Neither Zanda and certainly not the kids are afraid of current 'dance' music for panorama.

And yes, oh yes, Silver Stars would have made much 'Mas' musically with Shameless as well. That thought alone is mind-blowing. (It's not too late to change, LOL!)

Comment by wmlpan on January 26, 2014 at 11:17am


That's life. Some bands in Trinidad run super scared and away from music like this for Panorama.  Not to mention they're concerned possibly with a couple of the sometimes close-minded, God Almighty judges who they fear backlash from.  

I can also see Siparia Deltones going "down the road" with this one.  A band which has done Allison Hinds' Roll it and Jigga's Action - what on earth happened to them this year - going with (Err - really - "Pan Atmosphere"?)  NOT!!!!

Comment by Bugs on January 24, 2014 at 9:18am

This is the tune Silver Stars should have gone with. It is a perfect fit for the bands personality. They are a fun band. Can you imagine the drill master for Silver Stars - Donell “Bravo” Thomas dancing up a storm in front the band?


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