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Orpheus and Euridice - The Lydians, Pat Bishop and the Steelpan

As the grand finale to the Silver Anniversary Celebrations, the Lydian Singers and Lydian Steel, directed by Pat Bishop, present, Gluck's opera, Orpheus and Euridice.

In the Lydians interpretation, the opera is put in the context of traditions of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival,
The Lydians production of Orpheus and Euridice at Queen's Hall Auditorium, St. Ann's, Trinidad and Tobago.

The Story

In Gluck's opera, the immortal love story of Orpheus and Euridice from Greek mythology tells of a love over which death has no dominion.
Orpheus, a musician, has lost his bride, Euridice. He is grief-stricken at her death and he offers to go to Hades to rescue her and bring her back to earth and to life. The god of love, Amor, moved by his plea, intercedes with the gods of the Underworld for him and he is permitted to rescue Euridice, provided that he neither looks at her until back on earth, nor reveals this condition to her or she will die again.

Monsters and Furies guard the gates of Hades, but they are soothed by Orpheus' music. He enters the Elysian Fields where the Blessed Spirits live and he takes Euridice away. She recognises him but he can't acknowledge her and she expresses aloud her fear that he no longer loves her. He turns to reassure her and, in doing so, breaks the agreement he had made with Amor. Euridice dies. Orpheus, distraught, attempts suicide so that he could be with his beloved once more, but Amor steps in and saves the day. His love has convinced the gods to waive the fatal clause and allow the two lovers to be together in life.

Guided by Amor, the couple go back to earth. They and their friends rejoice and praise Love, which conquers all.
This is a production that celebrates Trinidad Carnival, in that Orpheus's musical instrument, his defining symbol, is the national instrument, the steelpan. Expect surprises in the setting and period of this Greek myth. It also departures from the classical story in costuming, dramatisation, musical interpretation and characterisation.
Expect to be thrilled by our world-class soloists Eddie Cumberbatch and Michael Zephyrine as Orpheus; Glenis Yearwood and Joanne Pyle as Euridice; Donna Marie Neaves and Nicole Wong Chong as Amor; Germaine Wilson and Leanna Roper as A Blessed Spirit.

Expect to be captivated by the Lydian Singers as The Furies and Monsters, the Shepherds and Shepherdesses and the Blessed Shadows.

Expect to be electrified by the sound of Lydian Steel and Drums and the Lydian keyboardists.

Expect to be mesmerised by the choreography of the Metamorphosis Dance Company

Expect to want to see this production more than once!

(Written by-Barbara Jenkins)

Sunday 25th September 2005
Musical Director: Pat Bishop
Accompanists: Lindy-Ann Bodden-Ritch, Myrtle Cumberbatch
Orchestra: The Lydians Steel Orchestra
Dancers: Caribbean School of Dance & Members of the Lydians
Lighting: Derek Gay
Sound: Victor Donawa
Sailor Costumes: Winston Black and The Mount Hope Connection
Sailor Consultant: Ralf Dyette

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