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What Pan Trinbago's Future Headquarters was supposed to look like...

If it ever gets built, this is a possible model of what the Pan Trinbago's headquarters would look like. When Steel Talks captures the model in 2004.
In 2011 The government of Trinidad and Tobago have said Pan Trinbago will get $7m to finish its HQ - http://guardian.co.tt/news/2011/03/03/pan-trinbago-get-7m-finish-its-hq

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Comment by Charles Gordon on December 1, 2018 at 4:52pm
Comment by Andre-Roger Dellevi on April 30, 2013 at 8:00am

In T&T, waiting for PanTrinbago new HQ is akin to Waiting for Godot, ent...


Comment by Terry Samuel on May 17, 2012 at 3:35pm

On May 2, 2012 Dr Roodal Moonilal, Minister of Housing and the Environment visited the Headquarters' and announce UDECOTT would finish the building see discussion PanTrinbago Headquarters' for the full address by the Minister.

It is a dialogue and a process we have to follow...stop the false-rumor and fall in line.

Comment by Wayne Cezair on May 17, 2012 at 2:35pm

That pan headquarters is a political football. The govt. will 'donate' the money in the hope that Pantrinbago will fail so they could say 'see we give them the money and they can't finish it' just as it has been said before. If it's 7 mil bet your life that those plans will not materialize for that amount of money. Ask the THA how much it cost to build the goat race track at Buccoo.

Yes the govt. should have finished the building and then handed it over with the requisite yearly financing to maintain it. Just as NAPA (north and south) were built. Nobody gave the theatre associations any money to build NAPA or Queens Hall why should they expect Pantrinbago to build the headquarters themselves. Do they have the requisite experience to do it? Should they hire consultants? What is that going to cost? Knowing what goes on here all the money will be eaten up in fees and nothing will be built.

I bet you the only reason that Pantrinbago will get any money is because the govt. wants to give somebody else some money to build a facility for Indian culture or something like that.

Pan should be exalted in T and T and the headquarters should be something that all Trinidadians should be proud of. Look what happened to the Carnival theatre/museum/stage that was planned for the savannah. The plans ditched and a big cowshed built in its place and everybody happy because they get to cross the stage carnival day.

Nothing related to our culture is taken seriously in this country.

Comment by Salah Wilson on May 16, 2012 at 11:37am

All of us returning to Trinidad for the past decade unfortunately had to pass in front of that unfinished building. For me it always has been a horizontal shake head and a wonderment question of "When will this thing be completed?".so regardless of which government or which administration of Pan Trinbago running the show. it is good news and a good start if it is going to be completed .

There is a lot of land up there ( if it is crown land), the administration should be wisely looking at other possibilities  not just the building. Business heads should be looking at the future and what might be possible to generate revenue from this location. Could somethings be set up that will be a year round exposition not just seasonal?. Could a chroming plant  and manufacturing plants of Pans and accessories , pan stands,  pan racks, pan cases, pan sticks,,  etc... be set up ? Could the Panorama be evntually moved there? ... Could we also think out of the box and establish a non related Pan business to generate revenue...again Business heads should be looking at the future. don't forget to include Parking space

Like someone said ..Transportation should not be a problem ...Trinidad is a  small country and once there is some action happening in a location the public will get there ..we have a unique taxi system ... and eventually  bus routes will accommodate the public. The important thing is getting something done for Pan


Comment by Terry Samuel on May 16, 2012 at 11:34am

Kim Johnson did you get your PHd on the steelpan? Basday Panday give PanTrinbago the land to built their headquarters around 1997 after 15 years you talking this nonsense about transportation and location.

The Trinidad Media including yourself saw this unfinished headquarters of the national instrument rotting for the past 11 years and you all turn a blind eye. Why don't you put one of your investigative reporter to report what was the reasons the building became a shameful disgrace on the highway.....

I am appall that the masses cannot see the economic benefit this headquarters would bring to the steelpan movement, merchandising, souvenirs, museum, gift-shop.

Comment by Terry Samuel on May 16, 2012 at 10:44am

Ian, we have to  MACCO our affairs we have the medium WST to call the shots concerning the advancements of the steelband movement. Any where in Trinidad taxi see opportunity they shows-up, transportation in a no-brainier. 

We just cannot be 7 days wonder - we have to be involved for-ever.....

Comment by Ian Jones on May 16, 2012 at 9:58am

Location, Location, Location!  As a long time advocate of decentralisation out of Port of Spain generally, I am concerned about access to this facility in the absence of a public transportation system to that community.  I have  less interest in the architectural design than I have in the operation and maintenance of the physical plant once it is completed.  Who, how, where is the money to be generated for the annual operation expenses including plant replacement costs?  I trust that Pan Trinbago will make these areas top priorities.

Comment by Andre Williams on May 16, 2012 at 9:40am

This is our detriment, that is why we are label 7 days wonder, after 7 days, every body gone into hibernation. The buck stop here, these issues will stay on the front burner. For all the naysayers the Government of the day is heavenly involved in advancing the steelband industry

How many pan-fans in T&T contribute to these discussions, they just do not care, they want to see PanTrinbago fail, they want to see the Government fail, we at WST save the Pan in the Classroom project, where are all the employees from the Pan in the Classroom project, could you reconised any of them in the discussions? THIS CANNOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS IF WE WANT RESULTS.

Kim Johnson, you are a Petit Bourgeois you have no idea how the taxi, bus or maxi operate in T&T, before the Trincity Mall was built their were no taxi serving the area, now if you are traveling to the mall the taxi stand is at cane farm road, this is the same taxi that will take the public to the Headquarters, also the maxi & taxi serving Oropune Gardens past in front of the building, what nonsense you talking about detour, traveling east the U-Turn is less than a quarter of a mile, traveling west into Port-of-Spain the building is accessible YOU WANT THE BUILDING TO BE IN PORT-OF-SPAIN.

I watch the fight-down concerning the steelpan movement on WST for  a long time now any thing POSITIVE all the haters goes into hibernation - we will solve the problems concerning the future of the steelpan right here on WST.

Comment by hollis clifton on May 16, 2012 at 8:34am

Ooops! Even though it might be a bit late my gut feeling is that an international H.Q. for the World Governing Body for steelpan should give the beholder a pan impression from all fronts. An aerial view should be a single pan with the drainage in the centre. Alternatively the pan could be turned over so the skirting is prominent with the drainage (guttering) at the end of the building as usual, unusual. Walls should reflect pan notes from a distance. Door handles should reflect pan sticks. I do hope I'm not being utopian. But maybe someone with the prerequisite skills could visual my thoughts and come up with a sketch.  

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