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Pantonic Steel Orchestra - Live Yuh Life (Like Yuh Playin’ Mas) - Basement Yard Recordings 2013

Pantonic Steel Orchestra performs “Live Yuh Life (Like Yuh Playin’ Mas)” as Basement Recordings captures their performance - as part of the NY Panyard Recording series one day before the annual New York Panorama steel orchestra competition. The arranger is Seion Gomez. Their instruments are tuned by Roland Harrigin. And their captain is Wayne Bernard.

The Basement yard recordings are made with the purpose of allowing the listener to hear and feel the power of the New York steel orchestras, along with the sonic clarity, musical sophistication and the rhythmic complexity and genius of the all percussive engine room. Pantonic Steel Orchestra took the stage at the competition with at least 65 players.

The recordings were done using Basement’s distinct in-house “box and one” technique.

The exploits of the world-famous Pantonic Steel Orchestra have been well documented. The current edition of the orchestra is no less talented and driven. Truly a Brooklyn gem, East Flatbush has been the home of Pantonic Steel Orchestra since its inception in 1998.

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