Renegades - Like Ah Boss - International Conference and Panorama

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International Conference and Panorama Trinidad and Tobago, 2015 see more

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  • So what's wrong with constructive criticism.

  • Don’t get me wrong… I never criticize the arrangement or the arranger in such that possibly a full complement of 120 players would have sounded better. The problem here is only 60 players and the tenors are drowning out the Chellos.. A little more of a gentle touch on the tenors would have sounded much better. Trying to make 60 sound like 120 was not the way. Be honest it was defiantly not the best performance on the day.  Possibly Deuvon should have spent some more time with the Stage side of Renegades to home in on the volume technics.

  • Had this competition been held outside the shores of Trinidad Duvonne would've been heralded as a genius but because of bias n fear for what this current generation has to offer to the steel band community persons look like Duvonne n all the other up n coming arrangers must sit n allow themselves to be robbed n starved of glory.
  • Mr. You have to be kidding, pan round the neck you say. That is disrectful in every way imaginable. You've disrespected the players at Renegades, the organization that is Renegades as well as Duvonne Stewart.That just shows how u people still live in prehistoric times.Immaculate orchestration highly skilled players and arguably the best arranger on the planet currently.Come on stop being a sour puss,people like u are responsible for pan not reaching where it suppose to be.Bout slamming pan steups u telling me a band compromised of the best steel pan stage in the world are pan slammers. Stop fight the man stop fight the band give respect where its due.
  • Renegades are a boss pan side but Duvone had this mighty band sounding like a pan around the neck band….pounding the pan and not playing the pan… Promm Promm… they almost sounded like a band out of the sixties.  


  • Renegades should have come in 2nd and Pan Elders placed higher.

     That's my opinion.

  • Devon Stewart is a boss ! But they robbed him in the placings especially  the south band Pan Elders. Great performance BP Renegades.   

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