Ten Commandments of Pan - Sonatas Steel Orchestras - Panorama 2008 - Yard Video

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Sonatas Steel Orchestra - Three days before 100 Sonatas players take the stage for the 2008 New York Steelband Panorama competition, Basement Recordings captures the defending champions in their yard. This is the fast version of their 2008 panorama offering - "The Ten Commandments of Pan" - a Yohan Popwell arrangement. Sonatas will go on to capture third place in the competition.

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  • Mighty!
  • love the music and yohan always seem to be able to evoke the enthusiasm of his players, whichever band he works with. Look at his work with Sforzata and La Creole Pan Groove
  • good on you yohan. congrats on your achievements in T&T also.
  • I absolutely love dis song!!!!
  • I've lost count of the number of times i've seen this video and it gets newer every time. Well arranged and executed. I love every second of this video! Ciao! With love from Nigeria
  • Well done Popwell.
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