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The Merikins. America, Trinidad and Canada's forgotten history official documentary

It was the engagements in the Atlantic States of Maryland, Virginia and Georgia, between the United States and Britain that led to the founding of the Company Villages in Moruga Trinidad.

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Comment by J.A.T on June 21, 2016 at 2:23pm

A lot of Trinis do not know that it was the freed slaves from USA that were sent to Trinidad. Can't understand why any ppeople of African origin would want to go to the USA from T&T but they 'luv it' and come back with strong loud accents and an attitude to suit. Every Trini child should learn the history of each of our ARRIVALS from the Spanish, English, French and their freed Negroes, Chinese and Indians etc. We should be united in harmony like our pan music.

Comment by odw on June 21, 2016 at 2:09pm

I do recall reading about this history from the book “The Spiritual Baptist Faith” by Rev. Patricia Stephens… African New World Religious Identity, History & Testimony...

John Stewart (1976) when he wrote

The Baptist faith was in fact introduced (in Trinidad) .O. by a number of black refugees who had themselves been members of the earliest Black Baptist congregation in the Southern United States of America. The early conflagration had developed along the Savannah River- which marks the state boundary between South Carolina and Georgia-prior to the American Revolutionary War, but was broken up and dispersed as a direct consequence of the war itself...

Archbishop Raymond Oba Douglas makes the same point:

The Baptist religion came to Trinidad by African ex-slaves in 1815 from America…The first boat load arrived May 1815 by HMS Levant with 61 men, women and children, who settled in Naparima and the third, fourth and fifth company in Moruga.

Comment by merle carrington on June 21, 2016 at 11:50am

As a Baptist I join in celebrating this major milestone. The 'Merikins, those freed Black American Soldiers who came to TT in the early 19th century and formed the "Company" villages and Churches in Moruga are an integral part of TT and Black history.  Join the Baptists in their final, large public event for the year on September 17 2016. On that date  from 9;00am -4:00pm there will be a Leadership Conference and book launch at Chamber of Commerce Conference Room, Campden Road Couva.

Comment by cedric mcintosh on June 20, 2016 at 9:04pm

What an interesting story of our peoples history,To anyone who attended secondary school or one of the prestige schools like QRC,CIC,Fatima or presentation college anywhere from the mid to late sixties in the West Indian History Books that were used at that time i think it was book5 the final chapter has some information similar to this where it speaks about African American Freed Slaves from Louisiana who were sent to Trinidad and settled in South Central Trinidad.If anyone reading this has any of that information i will be glad to hear what they know about this.The West indian history book in question is the last chapter of the book i cant remember the author maybe that too will have to be researched.

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