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The Original DeFosto Himself Speaks

The Man, the Music, the Life...
The Original DeFosto Himself Speaks - In an exclusive interview with the When Steel Talks calypso artist and prolific steelband panorama music composer stand...

Defosto - “- “...That is a beautiful question that you ask. Well - I am not a ‘Praying Mantis’ but I pray a lot. I thank The Father and I reach out to him in the best way I possibly can. I an’ all asking ‘Father, how am I surviving?’ I don’t know what is happening, but I am somehow able to survive, because it is not sustainable. You have to find money - sometimes I go to the bank and borrow money - just because I am a culture person, and I [am] singing - and writing songs is my life. I thank the Father for that; I don’t know if it is a punishment or if it is a blessing; and I believe it is more blessing than a punishment. But nevertheless, I somehow, does try to survive; because of my name, because of the... I came from as a child, because of who I am - I think that might have been able to help to some extent. But sometimes you feel, you know, you’re fighting a battle that is very difficult to win, but to win - you have to win...at some point in time.”
click to read more http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2011/interviews/defosto-4-1-2011.htm

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